He played an important role in restoring peace in J&K, know what the DGP said on the occasion of Women’s Day



The Jammu and Kashmir Police has claimed that so far this year, around half a dozen grenade-throwing modules have been busted in Jammu and Kashmir. DGP of Jammu and Kashmir Police Dilbag Singh said on the occasion of International Women’s Day that women officers and other officers have an important role in restoring peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

DGP Dilbag Singh of Jammu and Kashmir Police has given a big statement regarding the continuous grenade attacks on security forces and civilians in Jammu and Kashmir. Dilbagh Singh has said that last year, 85 such modules were busted by the Jammu and Kashmir Police in the state and so far this year more than half a dozen falling modules have been caught. The police have received some inputs regarding the grenade attack in Kashmir on Sunday evening. Dilbagh Singh said that some people have been picked up for questioning in this case and soon these culprits will be caught.

His important contribution to the end of terrorism

Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh said that women police officers and jawans of Jammu and Kashmir have also contributed significantly to the elimination of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that when violence was happening in the 1990s and the Jammu and Kashmir Police was performing its duty. He said that when the Special Operation Group was formed in 1990, male police officers as well as women officers were involved in it and both of them fought this battle together and the situation changed.

Dilbagh further said that after that a lot of ups and downs were seen but the way the situation is in Jammu and Kashmir today, women officers, jawans and battalions have a big contribution. He said that whether it is intelligence, crime or traffic, there is no such place where there are no women officers of Jammu and Kashmir Police. The DGP of Jammu and Kashmir said that Pakistan is dropping weapons with drones and the Jammu Police is constantly keeping an eye on it. He said that the Jammu Police, along with other agencies, is constantly monitoring the activities across the border, the goods which have been sent from across the border are being investigated.

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