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Movement is a fundamental aspect of life and affects everything, from circulation to digestion to metabolism to immunity. Today’s modern culture promotes sedentary lifestyles, and often as we slow down and reduce our physical activity to the minimum. This leads to increased risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, impaired muscular-skeletal health, cardiovascular health issues, depression, anxiety and decreased overall health status. Poor and imprecise muscle movement can result in dysfunction, abnormalities and pain.

Active lifestyle, daily physical exercise enhances and maintain muscular-skeletal health. It increases the functionality of joints, independence and acts as a huge boost to mental health and wellbeing. Controlled movement and exercise increase the release of endorphins which helps to control stress levels. Additionally, a balanced diet energizes you to remain active  and participate in all daily, social, communal and occupational activities

Hence, aim to be active and happy. Take some time off and invest in your health. This video presents the need to maintain good overall health to be happy and lead a quality life.

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