Building A Sneaker Collection? Here Are 7 Sneakers That Are A Must-Have In 2021


The sneaker market isn’t one to change with the seasons. Most of the time, the best sneakers for men stay in trend for years (if not decades) after their initial debut. Consider the ever-classic Converse Chuck Taylor – your father undoubtedly wore them as a kid, and you presumably possess a pair or two now.

Remember that the best sneakers for men don’t always have to be the most recent. Aside from Chuck Taylors, a bevvy of classic style sneakers, from traditional white sneakers to sleek leather sneakers, refuse to go out of style. Despite their location at the bottom of your body, a killer pair of sneakers is the cherry on top of your everyday ensemble, which means they must match your style or they will not look good on you.

Given the past year and a half, it’s been a little more difficult to flaunt new sneakers in public. Thankfully, things are beginning to open up, and we will be able to go outside once more. Of course, social media keeps us updated on what the rest of the globe is wearing, and the flex posts haven’t slowed down in the least. From the futuristic-looking Latest Balance Niobium Concept 1 that was released in the summer to the new eco-take on Adidas’s Stan Smith sneaker, a style that’s been fashionable for years. There have been some great kicks making waves in 2021.

Whether you’ve been wearing your new sneakers around the block or are gradually transitioning from home to office, these kicks have been generating quite a stir in recent months.

  1. Adidas Forum 84 Hi Shoes

When you look at these sneakers, you can’t help but think of Outkast’s “So, Fresh, So Clean.” They’ll be released in September 2021, and they’re looking tight, fresh, and clean. They’re even completed off with the Velcro tabs that make the distinctive noise when you pull them, inspired by the classic b-ball sneakers of the 1980s. They’re classic on the one hand, yet with modern accents and workmanship, all encased in fine leather. Even if the closest you’ve gotten to a court is a seat in the stands, these kicks make you feel like an MVP every time you put them on.

  1. Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

Check out Adidas’s reimagined Stan Smith sneakers for individuals who prefer all-white outfits with a splash of colour. The style has been a hugely popular street-style sneaker for decades, but the improved construction is what makes this latest incarnation stand out. Although these tennis shoes resemble classics, Adidas replaced the leather upper with a vegan Primegreen upper comprised of high-performance, recyclable materials. With one of its most recognisable pieces, the brand launched its new pledge to use entirely recycled polyester by 2024. The Adidas Sneakers shoe that is recognised for its good looks is now also doing some good.

  1. Bodega X New Balance 990v3

Bodega has partnered with Nike, Reebok, Vans, and a plethora of other brands. The New Balance 99oV3 has been revamped with subtle tones and a rich taupe suede overlay that contrasts with the dark mesh. When it was released in June 2021, it generated some attention, as do all limited edition Sneakers Shoes For Men. Fortunately, there are plenty in stock, so if you’ve been dying to slip your feet into a beautifully crafted shoe in a fun colour combination, now is the moment.

  1. Chuck Taylor All Star

Do we really need to tell you why they are on every best-sneaker list? You’re probably already aware of how iconic these sneakers are. This shoe has been on the feet of children, teenagers, and adults for millennia and has never gone out of style. Converse now has a large archive of Chuck Taylor-inspired sneakers created in conjunction with a slew of brands and artists, and the style is available in a colour palette rivalled only by Pantone. There’s no way you can go wrong in this effortlessly cool black Chuck Taylor, which is why we recommend you get your hands on this pair as soon as possible.

  1. Off-White Low Vulcanized Sneaker

Virgil Abloh’s creations are instant classics. People get a little crazy waiting for his latest release, whether it’s Louis Vuitton fashion or his one collection. These sneakers have unquestionably been a long time coming. The vulcanised low-top style is the pinnacle of streetwear. The logo sits above the canvas body, while the brand’s distinctive contrasting stripes zip along the rubber wall, emulating a miniature crossing. Art, streetwear, and sneakers all come together in this collection. This is one cool shoe, no matter how you see it.

  1. VANS Anaheim Factory Old Skool 36 DX

What better way to bring some colour into your footwear selection than with these Anaheim Factory Old Skool 36DX Vans? Color-blocking is still going strong, and these sneakers are stylish and on-trend. Whether you’re a skater or not, these can brighten up any weekend ensemble, but never in an offensive way; they just want to have a good time. You may even get them in a high-top variant for even more enjoyment.

  1. Reebok Club C 85 Men’s Shoes

We’ve taken dad’s hats, jeans, and footwear for quite some time now. A look that was long reserved for mall walkers is now making its way onto the streets. Hard. The Club C 85 from Reebok is a classic dad shoe that has been revamped for the new season. These tennis-inspired sneakers have a cushioned sock liner and a cushy, comfy EVA midsole, as well as dad-approved elements like a padded sock liner and a cushy, soft EVA midsole.

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