Home remedies for constipation


A significant portion of the global population suffers from constipation. It is a condition remarked by lack of sufficient bowel movements. Moreover, constipation also makes the stool hard, which makes passing them a challenge as well.

Constipation maybe caused by a range of factors. Most important is lack of adequate water intake; water helps in making the stools soft, which makes them easier to pass.

Moreover, constipation also is aggravated by lack of adequate fiber in the diet. Fiber adds bulk and facilitates the bowel movements and its lack naturally then leads to complications.

Constipation may also result from more alarming factors, including muscular problems, cancer, hormonal changes. Therefore, if you suffer from chronic constipation, despite eating and drinking well, you should visit your doctor via oladoc.com.

Home remedies to the rescue

For the run-of-the-mill constipation episodes, you can improve that state of your digestive tract by doing some home remedies.

Load up on the fiber

Fiber helps in preventing and remedying a case of constipation. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber. You can supplement them with wholegrains breads and cereals. Oats, rice, and beans are also good sources of dietary fiber.

Soluble fiber

If you are unable to benefit from the dietary fiber alone, you can take soluble fiber supplements that are available readily and are rather effective. Commonly available fiber supplements include psyllium husk, calcium polycarbophil and methylcellulose.

Drink more water

It is imperative that you hydrate to prevent the stool from hardening and making it easier to move along the digestive tract. You water requirement may vary as per the weather, you gender etc.

However, everyone should aim to get at least eight glasses of water, daily.

Nonetheless, if you are tired of drinking water alone, you can also flavor it with mint, lemon etc. Refrain from adding too much sugar.

You can also try fruits or vegetables with high water content, like oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber to supplement your water intake otherwise.


You may dread it; however, it offers immense benefits for your physical and mental health. Amongst these benefits is improved digestive health. Sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for constipation.

Exercise not only changes that but is also shown to improve the symptoms of constipation. You can take up moderate exercise like lovely walk, cycling, and jogging etc.

Try caffeine

Caffeine is helpful for promoting the movement of the digestive tract, and therefore facilitates in the bowel movement. According to one study, the impact is as profound as taking an entire meal.

Moreover, coffee is also helpful as it contains minute amounts of soluble fiber, that has impact on the gut bacteria, which in turn stimulates bowel movement.

However, do not overdo with caffeine. Too much of it promotes the loss of water from the body, and if you are dehydrated to begin with, consuming large amounts of coffee can exacerbate your condition.

People with IBS may also see their symptoms aggravating; therefore, they should also be careful with their coffee consumption.

Add prebiotics to your diet

Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates, that then serve to add bulk to the diet. They also improve the overall health of the digestive system as they feed the good gut bacteria. Prebiotics also serve to make the stool soft as well.

Examples of prebiotics include garlic, onions, bananas, leeks, chickpeas etc.

Herbal laxative

Herbal laxatives can also help in preventing constipation. One effective herb in this regard is Senna. It is often used in South Asian countries.

However, the amount of the herb is important; if you overdo with it, it can lead to diarrhea as well. Consequent dehydration might make your symptoms worse.

The herb, Senna, is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. In such cases, it is vital that you confer with your Best Gastroenterologist in Lahore instead for relief.

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