How brand Modi remains intact even after eight years? Know these 10 ‘victory formulas’ of PM Modi’s victory



PM Modi in Gujarat: As the convoy of Prime Minister PM Modi reached near the BJP office in Ahmedabad, flowers were showered on him in some way. This grand welcome of Prime Minister Modi had started from Ahmedabad airport itself. He took out a road show about 10 km long from there.

This megashow of Modi is actually a celebration of victory in 4 states. But this question was in everyone’s mind that why the celebration of victory in UP is celebrated in Gujarat? What was the reason that Prime Minister Modi reached Gujarat within 24 hours of the results of the assembly elections of 5 states? The simple answer would be that now elections are to be held in Gujarat, so Modi has started his mission Gujarat, but the matter is not just that. Modi’s coming to Gujarat after Mahavijay is actually the answer to the question that why is the brand Modi intact even after 8 years?

Gujarat has been PM Modi’s work land before becoming the Prime Minister, that is why after such a big victory, when he reaches directly among his people in Gujarat, he gives this message that PM Modi never forgets his relation with the people and PM Modi with the people. This direct connection of K has made his stature so big that at present no other leader is seen challenging Modi. Whatever be the state, all the frozen equations fail in front of Prime Minister Modi’s election strategy. The same thing happened in Uttar Pradesh. One by one, Modi threw out every issue that could become a challenge for the BJP. Like it happened in the farmers’ movement last year. Let us know what are the ’10 victory formulas’ of PM Modi’s victory.

pacified the farmers by apologizing

When everyone was assuming that the anger of the farmers about the new agricultural laws could be overshadowed by the BJP, when the farmers were not ready to bow down and the UP elections had come to a head, Prime Minister Modi took two steps back and changed the agricultural laws. announced to withdraw.

Opponents targeted the Prime Minister for apologizing in this way, it was said that Modi had to take this decision due to fear of defeat, but with this decision, Modi was controlling 136 seats in western UP and its effect in the results. also showed up. In the elections held in two phases in western UP, 46 out of 58 seats came to BJP’s account in the first phase and in the second phase also BJP won 31 out of 55 seats.

free corona vaccine

It was also being said that BJP would have to bear the brunt of the situation in UP during the second wave of Corona. Prime Minister Modi broke it by giving free vaccine, then Chief Minister Yogi took advantage of it by running a big campaign of vaccination. In Uttar Pradesh, 100 percent people have got the first dose of the vaccine and about 80 percent people have got both doses.

free ration during corona

Not only the vaccine, the double ration scheme proved to be a big game changer in the double engine government of Uttar Pradesh. On one hand, by giving 10 kg ration every month to the card holders under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana of the UP government and on the other hand by giving 5 kg additional ration to the poor under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, BJP has created such a vote bank of beneficiaries which is a big factor for BJP’s victory. Cause.

At the time of Corona, about 15 crore people were given free ration for 23 months by the government. About 2 crore 82 lakh farmers were given 6000 rupees under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Under the Chief Minister’s mass marriage scheme, 1 lakh 52 thousand girls were married. 40 lakh houses built under PM Awas Yojana
, Under the Ujjwala scheme, 3 crore 94 lakh gas connections were given.

These election results stamp on the pro-poor, pro-governance of BJP, earlier facilities were available to some resourceful people, there were many announcements in the name of poor in the country, schemes were also made but the poor could get them. BJP understands this, I have been CM for a long time, so I know how hard one should work for the convenience of the last person.

won the trust of women voters

There are about 7 crore women voters in Uttar Pradesh. To fulfill them, many schemes were started from heritage campaign to power scheme. But above all this the issue of women’s safety was raised. BJP started saying that if the Samajwadi Party returns, then hooliganism will increase again. The result was that even though women continued to consider inflation as an issue, Yogi and Modi managed to win their trust on the issue of security.

Confident on the problem of stray animals

When opponents were trying to make the problem of stray cattle in Uttar Pradesh an election issue, the aggrieved farmers were also expressing their displeasure about it, Modi did not ignore it. Instead of avoiding the issue, Modi himself went ahead and assured the farmers.

UP Vikas’s ‘Expressway’

Be it Jewar Airport in the West or Expressway in the East, even before the elections, Prime Minister Modi also put forth that picture of development, which strengthened the confidence of every voter.

broke the caste-religion equation

The politics of UP was swinging between Mayawati’s SC and Samajwadi Party’s Yadav-Muslim vote bank. Modi destroyed all these equations too
That is why BJP won 65 out of 86 SC-ST seats, while 49 out of 85 seats with Muslim influence also came to BJP’s account.

He took the lead in Purvanchal himself

In the last phase of the election, Modi himself reached Varanasi. By reaching from place to place, grand road show and reaching from place to place, Modi once again defeated the opponents by showing his direct connection with the people and as a result of this, even after putting full emphasis on Akhilesh, BJP had 77 seats out of 130 in Purvanchal. entered the account.

Ram temple in Ayodhya

With the development, the dose of Hindutva also continued. The start of construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya became a big reason for BJP’s victory.

The arrow of familism on the opponents

Be it Akhilesh Yadav, Jayant Chaudhary or Priyanka Gandhi, all these opposition leaders who have challenged the BJP in UP, Modi asked the public to calculate them by putting them in the dock of familyism.

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