How Do I Prepare for an Online Proctored Exam?


Online programs have made it easier and more affordable to advance your knowledge and skills. They give you the freedom to schedule your studies around your professional obligations. Live proctoring exams have grown in popularity among educators and students, as online courses are the most efficient alternatives to classroom learning.

In this article, we will take a look at how to prepare for an online proctored examination. 

Online Proctored Exams Explained

Online proctored exams can be taken under supervision from the convenience of your room or workplace or any other spot that suits you. You will not have to worry about going to a public exam center because all you require is a PC or laptop. Similar rules and standards apply to online tests as to traditional exams, so a remote supervisor will keep an eye on you using a camera the entire time.

Types of Online Proctored Tests

  1. Real-Time Online Proctored Tests

Live proctoring exams are comparable with those that are administered in person. A proctor keeps an eye on the authentication procedures as well as the entirety of the online test using the student’s webcam.

  1. ‘Record and Review’ Proctored Tests

The term “recorded proctoring” refers to the practice of recording candidates’ video and sound feeds as they undertake an online test. A proctor then reviews this data to look for any unfavorable activity. Because it is both time- and cash-effective, this form of exam is more common than live online proctoring.

  1. Automated Proctored Tests

An intelligent form of online examination that doesn’t involve human interaction is known as an automated proctored exam. In this scenario, specialized software reviews the captured test and searches the footage for any malpractice. If it detects any, the technology forwards a memo to the physical proctor, who then reviews the case.

Some benefits of proctored tests taken online include:

  • You can finish the online assessment in a comfortable setting, which might help you focus.
  • You stay away from public exam locations and travel, which helps to lessen stress as well as anxiety.
  • The tests are safe and controlled; a proctor validates your identification, keeps an eye on activities to spot malpractices, and can offer technical assistance as required.

Tips to Prepare for an Online Proctored Exam

  • Check Your Devices Ahead of Time

It is incredibly handy to complete an online proctored test from your living room or place of business, saving you some time, money, and worry about commuting to a public testing facility. You just need to have a laptop or desktop computer with video capabilities and a steady internet connection. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to test your gadgets before the test. To be sure that you have inspected your devices and have communicated with the examination systems engineer for support, follow the instructions in your course room as well as online test guidelines. This guarantees there won’t be any stressful last-minute problems.

  • Review the Examination Guidelines

Ensure you are familiar with the test’s format (whether it is timed or not) and the types of questions it will include. Additionally, study the test-taking guidelines to determine what is prohibited or allowed throughout the session.

  • Schedule Time for the Test Day

During your online test, it’s critical to organize and spend your time appropriately. It is advisable to monitor the timer on your exam to gauge your advances. To ensure that you do not lose time, divide the test into chunks. Check the type and number of questions at the beginning of the test, such as whether they are multiple-choice or essay.

Then you may decide how long you’ll spend on each part or question. Make use of the reading period at the beginning of the exam to comprehend the questions and consider your responses. It’s crucial to set aside time before the completion of the test to evaluate your responses before turning them in.

  • Select the Appropriate Location to Finish the Exam

Making the decision about where to take your online test is essential to your preparedness and performance on test day. To follow the exam guidelines and function at the best of your abilities, take your online examination in a room with few interruptions.

Try to choose a spot without any distractions if you’re studying or doing work from home and there are lots of people around. It’s preferable to take your online examination somewhere quiet.


Taking an exam from home could easily be the best option if making it to the public exam venue is impossible. In this post, we have taken a look at how you can prepare for and take an exam in the comfort of your home. We hope you find these tips helpful.

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