How India’s missile fell in Pakistan, Rajnath Singh told in Rajya Sabha



India recently accidentally fired a missile that landed in Pakistan. India deeply regretted the accident, saying that the incident was caused by a technical fault during its routine maintenance. Pakistan’s army had claimed that this missile was launched by India.

At the same time, during the statement in Rajya Sabha today, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, I want to apprise this august house about an incident that happened on 9 March 2022. This incident is related to the unintentional release of a missile during the inspection. During the routine maintenance and investigation of the missile unit, at around 7 pm, a missile was launched by accident. Later it was known that this missile fell in the territory of Pakistan. This incident is regrettable. But it is a matter of relief that no harm has been caused by this accident.

He further said that I want to inform the House that the government has taken this incident seriously and a formal high level inquiry has been ordered for this. The exact cause of the alleged accident will be known after investigation. I would also like to say that in the context of this incident, the Standard Operating Procedures are being reviewed for operation, maintenance and investigation. We make the security of our weapon systems a top priority. If any defect is found in this regard, it will be rectified immediately.

During his statement, he said that I can assure the House, that our missile system is very safe and reliable. In addition, our safety procedures and protocols are of a high standard and are reviewed from time to time. Our security forces are trained and disciplined and have good experience in handling such systems.

Exact reason will be known only after investigation

He said that the exact cause of the incident would be known only after investigation. At present, the SOP is also being reviewed. If any defect is found, it will be rectified immediately. Our missile system is extremely safe and reliable.

Missile launch from India into Pakistan an accident – America

Let us tell you that US State Department spokesman Ned Price said during a conversation with the media on Monday that the missile launch from India was just an accident. There is no indication that it was anything other than an accident because you have heard from our Indian partners that it was nothing but an accident. Price said in response to a question that the Indian Defense Ministry had issued a statement on 9 March clarifying what had happened. We cannot comment further on this.

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