How is India’s preparation to protect itself from China in the midst of Russia-Ukraine war, know



Russia-Ukraine War: The treatment that Russia is doing with Ukraine at this time, China and Pakistan could not plan to do something similar to India, so within 21 months, India has prepared such an army of 70 thousand soldiers, which will fight against China’s encroachment. Will be able to answer. Before deploying this special force made against China in areas bordering China, they were maneuvered in Siliguri, which included MM Naravane, Chief of Army Staff of India.

The army will sour the teeth of the enemy in the event of air strikes

India is taking great care about its neighbor China. Due to this vigilance, China’s encroachment plans are not being fulfilled and it is also forced to step on its feet. To keep China in this condition, India exercised the ‘China Special’ military contingent, in which every trick of the enemy’s teeth was tested in the event of air strikes.

In the bloody conflict that took place between the armies of India and China at Galvan in eastern Ladakh 21 months ago, due to the sacrifice of our 20 answers, 40 Chinese soldiers had to be eliminated. After this bloody conflict, China has been furious, but has been reluctant to do such an act again, and to maintain its fear, India has formed a train special against China in the waters.

India is very cautious about the challenges on the Line of Control

India has done this latest maneuver in the Siliguri Corridor, which was witnessed by Army Chief General MM Naravane himself. The Indian Army is very alert and fully prepared about the challenges along the 3,488 km Line of Actual Control since the violent clash in Eastern Ladakh 21 months ago.

The army believes that we also need to take a lesson from Russia’s attack on Ukraine, because China’s People’s Liberation Army can also plan to sabotage our borders in the pride of its greater strength. In such a situation, we cannot divert our attention from the northern borders under any circumstances.

Army Chief General Naravane assessed the role and operational plans of Mathura’s 1st Strike Corps. There are about 70 thousand soldiers armed with heavy weapons in this corps. The Corps was earlier stationed on the western border with Pakistan, which has been made ready for deployment on the LAC by making it proficient in warfare on very high hills.

Army is working fast to make Siliguri Corridor free from dangers

The Indian Army is also working fast towards making the strategically sensitive Siliguri Corridor free from threats. This narrow corridor connects the states of the North East with the rest of India. It also came into limelight during the 72-day military conflict in Doklam on the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet crossroads in 2017. Indian forces then foiled the PLA’s efforts to extend its motorable track from the Siliguri Corridor to the Jamferi Ridge.

There were tensions with China earlier as well, but then the matter was resolved in two months and used to withdraw, but this time the Chinese army under the leadership of Xi Jinpin has become more aggressive than before. In such a situation, we need to be prepared to give a befitting reply by assessing our threats at every level. This is the reason why India has done the most accurate test of indigenous missile BrahMos today itself.

After the successful launch of BrahMos missile, Indian Navy said that we have successfully tested the accuracy of Sursonic cruise missile from IAS Chennai. During the test, the missile has succeeded in hitting its target accurately. It is also worth noting here that the S400 anti-missile system that we have received from Russia has also been deployed in view of the border with China. This is the Indian Grand Plan to protect itself from China in the midst of the Ukraine war.

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