How often do you need your Teeth Checked?


Most of us know the value of visiting dentists for regular check-ups. However, rarely do we adhere to the recommended plan by WHO. For instance, when was the last time you knocked in a dentist’s office for a regular checkup? Probably you cannot even remember the dates, or maybe you have never attended a dentist clinic for regular checkups. I am sure you are like most people out there who only visit their dentists after realizing that they have some dental issues or when they have cavities causing some difficulties in chewing or when something disturbs their eating abilities. 

Even if you have not been adhering to the right practice of having your teeth checked regularly, you need to continue reading the article and get everything you need to know about mouth check schedules and why you should adhere to the outlined recommendation.  

Why Regular Checkups are Paramount

When a vehicle is taken to a garage for servicing, the chances of developing mechanical issues reduce to a greater extent. In the same manner, if you develop a habit of having your teeth checked from time to time, there are fewer chances of your teeth developing issues. In addition, your dentist will be placed in a good position of diagnosing a condition that might affect you at an early stage. In other words, if you have an impending condition that is being established within your dentition, it will be easier for your dentist to identify the condition before it escalates. This will ensure that it is arrested in good time and its effects avoided to a greater extent. In addition, your dentist will be able to remove some of the plaques that might be developing in your teeth and help in cleaning some of the bacterial tartar that might cause issues in the future.

How often should you Have Dental Checkups?

Dentists recommend one to have their teeth checked after every six months. In other words, your dentition and your oral health should be checked by a professional at least two times a year. You can imagine how many checkups you have missed if you have not been adhering to this protocol. Even if you want to give an excuse over your medical cover, research studies have outlined that most private insurers cover the charges of dental checkups at least two times a year. The aspect means that you need to adhere to the laid down protocol without fail.


 In fact, by adhering to this WHO and dental recommendation, you are the one to benefit as you will be able to identify oral or dental health issues that might be developing at a steady state and take the necessary preventive measures for oral diseases. However, if you have other medical conditions that affect your well-being such as diabetes, you should increase the number of your checkups. The aspect relates to the fact that people with lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are prone to gum diseases. Therefore, visiting their dentist after every three months is highly recommended. 

Summing Up

The World Health Organization recommends a regular dental checkup at least two times a year. However, it will not hurt you even if you visit your dentist more than three times in a year especially if you have a condition that exposes you to gum diseases.  

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