How Science Private Tuition Can Come in Handy for Difficult Science Subjects


There is no denying it, and students, as well as parents, know it; science subjects at the secondary level – in fact, at any level – are quite challenging. The intimidation factor of science subjects, especially at the high school level, eventually makes students turn away from science-based courses in college and university. There is no denying that although Singapore surpasses the world in science and maths ratings, the country also has a high rate of students who struggle academically in science subjects. But, the good news (especially for parents) is that it is possible for their children to overcome the challenges of science subjects by considering science private tuition as the best option.

Why do students find science subjects difficult?

Mastering science means mastering other skills or subjects

To learn any specific science subject (general science, biology, chemistry, physics), students must have a strong foundation in:

  • Mathematics
  • Critical analysis and analytical thinking
  • Reading comprehension

This can be difficult for students already struggling with language and maths subjects. As a result, these students will struggle to understand concepts and principles in science subjects.

Science needs a lot of memorisation

Science can really be difficult to learn because it relies heavily on memorisation. To understand scientific principles and concepts, students need to remember (and memorise) much scientific information. Not all students are good at memorising, no matter how good (or poor) they are in note-taking and reviewing skills. In fact, many people really find it difficult to retain information for long periods.

Science uses abstract and non-linear thinking

Science means the use of abstract and non-linear thinking skills. Students need to understand complex scientific concepts and their applications to real-world situations. This can be hard for people who are oriented to concrete thinking. In non-linear thinking, students need to identify causal links, and this makes things harder. The best example of this is the science of cause-and-effect relationships.

So, given the above, what are the advantages of getting science private tuition to arrest difficulties in science learning?

Tuition lessons are tailored to student’s specific needs

In schools and classrooms, secondary school science teachers’ lessons need to follow a strict curriculum and timetable to stay on track with the syllabus. Teachers, therefore, cannot give personalised teaching or analysis to students who cannot cope with this fast-paced learning. Private tutors can offer methods to strengthen any student’s understanding in ways that they can cope. Science lessons can be designed by the tutors to focus on a student’s specific needs and weaknesses through strategy- or tactical-based teaching alongside demonstrations.

Reinforcing difficult science topics

Each student has an individual learning pace and assimilation. While some are fast learners, others tend to lag behind. Slower learners need to go through lessons at their own pace and repeat some lessons to better understand complex principles and concepts. Private tutoring can actually open a portal for any student to discover science through a more comprehensive and in-depth approach.

Provide a more solid foundation in the sciences

The perception of science being difficult is a reality because of the lack of adequate preparation in the basic topics of science subjects. Private science tutoring can enable students to better familiarise themselves with various topics in foundational sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, and general science. This strong foundation can spell the difference between poor or good scores or grades. Students learning through private tutoring are provided with additional opportunities to prepare, refresh, and expand their understanding before proceeding to other topics with greater confidence.

FamilyTutor can provide experienced and dedicated science tutors

For parents who need to help their children to perform better in any science subject and overcome any learning weaknesses, consider a good tuition agency such as FamilyTutor for easier and more enjoyable learning. When you choose science private tuition from this agency, we can assure you that your child will be well-supported by credible, qualified, and experienced private (or online) tutors with years of experience and all the right resources. Get your children up to speed on their learning in any science subject (or any subject for that matter they are having a hard time, such as maths). You can check out on their official website or get in touch by calling their number or through WhatsApp. 

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