How to Earn Money From Wordle Today 2022


The New York Times has been publishing Wordle since 2008, but it appears that it has gotten more difficult over the years. There are a few obtuse twists, such as American spellings of English words, as well as double letters. Solving a Wordle of the day can be difficult, and sometimes it even requires a dictionary. Nevertheless, Wordle today continues to be a favorite among puzzle lovers and word-lovers alike.

What Is Wordle?

So, what exactly is Wordle, and how can you make money with it? Well, this word-game-with-a-dot-on-it is a craze on the web. It’s not available on the app stores yet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be monetized. Read on to learn how you can make money with Wordle. If you’re a word-game lover, you may already be familiar with Wordle.

Wordle is a word game you can view online here. It’s entertaining, easy, and, similar to a crossword, must be played one time per day. There is a new word every day, and it depends on you to sort out what it is.

Wardle created Wordle

It’s unlikely that Andrew Wardle created Wordle to make money. It was created as a side project by a former software engineer at Reddit. There are no advertisements and the website itself is a black background with no other content. Wardle’s career includes a stint as a Reddit software engineer, where he created two collaborative social experiments. Place and Wordle were born from the two collaborations.

The original Wordle was a web application, and in January 2022, it made its way to the app store. But it wasn’t long before copycat Wordle versions started appearing on the app store. Wardle didn’t pursue the impostors, but Apple and Google took action after a public outcry. In the end, Wardle got in touch with the developer, who offered to donate the money to charity.

The game has grown immensely in popularity in just a short time. The game is free to play, and Wardle plans to sell it to a larger entity. The New York Times Company’s first-quarter financial report confirmed that the game’s popularity has skyrocketed. In just two weeks after its introduction, the game’s usage had soared to 300,000 daily players.

Read on to find out how to earn money from Wordle today! Hopefully, the money will make you want to make more of it!

Make Money With Wordle

  • To make money on Wordle, you have to guess words that contain five letters or less. While you are completing your Wordle puzzle, keep in mind that some letters are hard to decipher, such as “Y”. It is important to remove as many letters as you can with each guess to improve your chances of finding the correct answer. Changing to “Hard Mode” will also force you to use only confirmed guesses in subsequent attempts. When in doubt, open an Incognito tab and delete your browser cookies.
  • Unlike many other similar games, Wordle is free to play. Players are given six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Every day, players have six attempts to guess the word. Those who miss the word will be highlighted in yellow or green. This game is a great way to get more exercise and improve your vocabulary while learning new words! So, take advantage of the free word games and make money at the same time!
  • If you’d like to make money from Wordle, you’ll want to consider creating a subscription. After all, the NYT already makes money off other games, so they’ll want to make money from Wordle too! You can even pay to play the game for a second or third time, which is another way to earn money. That’s a huge advantage if you’re a business owner or a content creator!

The Wordle word game has continued to update it to keep players entertained and on topic. The word changes daily to reflect whatever is happening in the world. It is fun to watch and listen to the daily word puzzle. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of your day. Once you’ve learned the daily word, you can update your word list to reflect the latest news and events. Let’s find out how Wordle is played.

How To Play Wordle Today?

When playing Wordle, you must guess how many vowels a word has. Words like ‘adieu’, ‘audio,’ and ‘house’ all have three individual vowels. Let’s begin the game then.

  • The first step in solving Wordle is to choose a word. A good start word should contain two or more vowels. If you can’t find a word with two or three vowels, Y can act as a surrogate vowel. It also appears at the end of many words. You can also use the helper function to solve the puzzle. The results box shows the letters you need to use and a share button. You can then share the puzzle with others by pressing CTRL+V. A new puzzle is available every day at midnight local time.
  • To play Wordle, all you have to do is guess the number of letters in a five-letter word. You have six attempts to solve the puzzle, and the system will tell you where the letters should be placed. Once you’ve solved a puzzle, you can share your results with your friends and family. You can copy the bar graph icon to share it on social media. Wordle can also be copied and shared on social media.
  • Wordle can be played on all platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. You can use your mobile device or a web browser. To use the game on your phone, visit the New York Times Games website. The original website hosted Wordle, but the New York Times bought it in February. It does not contain ads and has a streamlined interface. Wordle is similar to the popular guess-the-color game Mastermind, but instead of matching colors, you’re trying to guess the word.

If you are into music and have a discerning ear for recognizable tunes, you might enjoy Heardle, a game based on the Wordle concept.

Wordle audio – Heardle

Simply, you listen to a song intro and guess the name of the artist and song from just a few seconds of the song. The game is available on the Heardle website, where you can also challenge friends. Each day, a new song will be released. You get six chances to guess the song. The game will record your score and record your guesses. It will also track streaks of success, and you will be able to see how many times you’ve correctly guessed the song.

The gameplay of Heardle is very similar to Wordle, with the user having six chances to guess the song from the snippets. Each incorrect guess will play more of the song and unlock more snippets to listen to. Ultimately, you must guess the song in the fewest number of tries to get the highest score, and you can only play this game once a day.

Final Words

If you’ve ever played the word game Wordle, you’ve probably wondered how the creators of the game managed to come up with the words.

The creator of Wordle wanted the game to feel like a croissant. This is because each tile has a different flavor. If you’ve ever gotten bored playing the same puzzle, you know how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, Wordle is free and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Eventually, it will become part of the puzzle service provided by the New York Times but will remain free. And in the meantime, you can play Wordle today for free as long as you’re willing to spend a few minutes trying to solve the puzzles.

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