How to perfect your sleep cycle?


There are multiple situations that can disrupt a usual sleep cycle. These might include a busier schedule, travelling, or shift work. Recent research has found that when you try to nap to make up the lost sleep, it doesn’t come out as effective. Instead, your body opt o follow a consistent sleeping pattern.

Every person works on a biological schedule that make us feel awake and tired at specific times. If functioning properly, our internal clock sends signals to our body to wake up in the morning and sleep during the evening. Though, the clock sometimes becomes out of sync, resulting in inappropriate schedules and affecting the overall quality of sleep. This makes it difficult to wake up and sleep at correct times, leaving you with social jetlag and affecting your moods and performances.

So, apart from battling the muzzy days and sleepless nights, try out these below techniques to get some better sleep and for resetting your internal clock.

How to reset the sleep cycle

As per the present knowledge of sleep cycle and the circadian clock of the body, there are certain methods useful for adjusting sleeping patterns and schedules.

Light Exposure Manipulation

Researchers have found that light exposure manipulation works effectively to reset the sleep cycle, specifically for the jet lag distortions. As a result, light exposure is often used for treatment for disorders related to sleep phase. Regular cycles of darkness and lightness are important aspects of a daily sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.

The retinal cells transfers information to the SCN after detecting the light cycles. When the light is present, the SCN transfers information to the pineal gland for producing the sleep hormone, melatonin. Therefore during the absence of light, the melatonin levels are high that makes you sleepy. As soon as the body senses light, the melatonin production is ceased to wake you up. List Of Best ENT Specialist In Gurgaon

Meal Time Manipulation

Researchers have found that metabolism and digestion also plays a major role in adjusting the sleep cycle caused by jetlag. Fasting for around 16 hours can during flight time will help in resetting sleep cycle in people who travels across multiple time zones. It can also be beneficial for non-jetlag sleep cycle.

Pull an All day-er, or All night-er

To reverse the setbacks of temporary sleep clocks, an approach to one full day stay up till the upcoming bed time is beneficial. As the method is a planned sleep deprivation, it is best to be done under the supervision of doctors. For example, if your sleep cycle starts at 4 am till the noon, then do not sleep again till 10 pm on the nest day. You can also practice mild activity while you are awake. This process can help to reset the sleep cycle.

Supplements useful to perfect your sleep cycle

Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are certain supplemental products available that could be helpful to perfect your sleep cycle. Cranberry with probiotic highly concentrated tablets is among the best known supplements used for bettering sleep cycle. Cranberry with probiotic highly concentrated is also beneficial for other psychological dysfunctions such as digestion, blood pressure, brain waves, etc.

LitonRx is among the best platforms to buy Cranberry with probiotic highly concentrated. The cranberry with probiotic highly concentrated offered by us has concentrations of probiotic that helps in bettering the wake sleep cycle.


Applying certain hygiene principles is equally important, along with the practice of healthy sleep cycle methods. Apart from that, sleeping on the right mattress can also be helpful for you. If the sleep cycle improvement doesn’t work you can reach out to your doctor or can intake cranberry with probiotic highly concentrated supplements. To buy cranberry with probiotic highly concentrated, you can reach out the website of LitonRx and avail it for yourself. They are highly effective for resetting sleep cycle along with other psychological syndromes.

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