How To Play Nerdle in 2022 (A Letter-Coloring Game)


Nerdle is a game that only has two rules: 1. Start with the letter “N” 2. Color in every letter following the “N” until you get to the letter “P.” Then, you change the color on the next letter. The last person to do that wins the game. Anytime a player makes a mistake, they have to give up one of their “N” cards.

If you play Nerdle at home, don’t tell your kids who won when it is over. To do this, draw a picture of each player and put it on the refrigerator door. Each day take down one player’s picture, until there are no more pictures left.

How to Play Nerdle

There are many games that you can play on the internet, but how often do you come across a game like Nerdle? In this article, we will be teaching you how to play this game so that you can become a pro. How to Play Nerdle?

Nerdle is a new and exciting game that has players racing against each other in order to be the fastest. In order to play this game, you will need to download the application for free on your mobile phone or tablet. You can then start playing by following these simple steps:

  1. Players must select a character and enter their name, which will serve as their username (if they want). If they do not select one, they will be randomly assigned.
  2. Once the game starts, a player will have 30 seconds to jump around on the map in order to collect as many coins as possible.
  3. Once the time is up, players can then submit their score by clicking on the “Submit Score” button.
  4. The game will then show which players have earned the most points and who won at the end of each round.
    These are some of the best features that make this game so much fun and addictive .The game is currently in beta and despite its simplicity, it promises to become one of the most popular mobile games out there.

Game Instructions for Nerdle

Players take turns drawing a letter from the box and whoever draws the last letter must put a letter back in. You win by having all your letters on the board. Each player has their own set of instructions that they follow to keep score. Nerdle is appropriate for players ages 5 and up. It makes a great family game, which is why it is one of the most popular games from Mayday Games. Game plays in about 15 minutes.

How to Win Nerdle

To win, you have to make sure that there is a straight line of the same letter running vertically or horizontally. If the board has three rows and three columns, it will have nine places where this can happen. If a row is completed and there are two remaining letters that are not on the board, then any letter can fill in these spaces.

An easy way to do this is to consider the letters that are on the board. If a space has more than one letter, then there is another letter left over. For example, if the first space has A and B, then there will be an X in the third spot because there are three remaining letters (A, B and X) and only two spaces.
If a space has only one letter, then you know that no other letters can go there so it must be occupied by a new letter.

The puzzle must be completed by filling in all spaces with letters that are available on the board. For example, if B is on the board and there are two remaining unplaced letters, then C can go in one of the two remaining spaces. You know this because if you look at rows 1 and 3, both have an A, so another letter would need to be placed in the space that they both share, to complete the row.

This means that the remaining letter must go on either A or B. You know that it is not on A because if you look across at row 4, there are three letters already placed on this row. So you place C in the last space. There are two spaces left empty for letters (B and X). Before filling these two spaces with your remaining letters A and B, you need to ensure that you have used up all.


Nerdle is a fun and educational game for kids. The goal is to work your way through the alphabet by colouring in letters. The more difficult letters are at the end of the alphabet, so it tries to get progressively easier as you progress. Make sure to play with your child and have fun!

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