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How to style traditional jewellery with modern clothes


Every lady loves her jewellery collection, and traditional wear can never be complete without a little gold or silver bling. However, pairing traditional Indian jewellery pieces like big gold jhumkas or bangles with modern clothes can be a little tricky. For this reason, we have compiled a list of ethnic pieces of jewellery that go well with modern western outfits. 

Today, the Indian fashion industry is more inclined towards classic jewellery styles, exciting patterns, and fusion looks. Women adore pretty sparkling jewellery pieces and love pairing them with modern outfits. 

It is not that difficult to style ethnic jewellery with western wear, and many influencers and celebrities are adorning this trend to the fullest. Here are a few ways through which you can flaunt your traditional jewellery with modern outfits:

A necklace is the most attractive and versatile jewellery piece that unfailingly offers substance to each woman. Be it your silk gown or a black dress, a good choice of necklace, like a heavy gold necklace or a gemstone necklace, can help you achieve that distinctive look and make heads turn. Moreover, pairing any layered necklace with a short slip dress can help you start a new trend. Adding an Indian touch and creating a unique pairing will grab the attention of several people surely. You can further complement your modern look with eye-catchy ethnic pendants. 

Hence, if you wish to shine out at a party, don’t forget to make the necklace your go-to jewellery piece. However, ensure that you choose an outfit that is not loud enough to divert the attention of the heavy neckpiece. 

When wearing western outfits such as dresses, gowns, or tops, a great way to mix the new and old is by using big traditional earrings or jhumkas. Black diamond earrings for men create their own fashion statement without disturbing the style of the outfit. Golden jhumkas go well with flowing gowns and can make your simple attire look stunning. Depending on the occasion, you can pair your jhumkas with a crop top, high-waisted pants, or pencil skirt. 

If you’re someone who loves comfort, try to pair your jhumkas with a printed jumpsuit for a cute boho look.

Create an elegant look by combining bright, ethnic gold bangles pattern with a monochromatic dress. You can also pair these bangles with a crop top and jeans to add that jazz to your look. Besides, you can put together a white-color shirt with blue jeans and colored bangles if you like. That will indeed be a striking style. However, be minimal and don’t go overboard with your bangles, or you might look gaudy instead of chic. 

If colored bangles aren’t your style, try those thin modern silver or gold bangles. You can stack one or two such bangles on one of your hands or wear just one bangle. 

If you wish for a completely distinct fusion look, you can try out the most ethnic jewellery piece, i.e., maang tikka. You no longer have to wait for a wedding to wear a maang tikka with your lehenga or sarees. This traditional Indian headpiece can also look gorgeous when worn with an elegant gown or a tank top with a short skirt or denim jeans. Maang tikka is available in different shapes and sizes, so select a piece that complements your face. 


The jewellery industry has many incredible stone and metal pieces to offer its customers. Pearls and diamonds are often closely associated with western outfits; however, traditional jewellery pieces, such as 22k gold bangles, jhumkas, and necklaces, can also accessorize your attire satisfactorily when you know which style and design are apt for which occasion. 

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