How to Use One Page WooCommerce Theme – Tips and Ideas


To begin with, staying online today is excessively important for several reasons. An active viral social life equates to a real one. For example, we share experiences with our followers, meet people, expand our worldview, and develop and learn through social networks. Beyond that, the WWW is a haven for business people. Without exaggeration, it is possible to generate an electronic business version and succeed. With advanced technology, analyzing customer behavior, reporting, creating an inside space, and collaborating with partners is much more seamless and effective. 

Creating a landing page as a type of web platform is a smart decision. It is a highly specialized resource to promote services or increase sales. Therefore, it provides a high conversion rate. By the way, TemplateMonster regularly updates its collection of one-page WooCommerce themes. They are characterized by deep functionality, an extensive set of tools, and a flexible customization system. 

What Is Landing Page? 

Landing pages are a full-fledged alternative to multi-page sites; they do not compromise performance quality. The structure is not branching and does not involve a large information flow. Instead, concise data is distributed, so the client scrolls it up and down. The main purpose of a single-page site is effective influence and interaction with a potential audience. It is most commonly employed to: 

  • Encourage the visitor to follow the link;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing tools;
  • Increase traffic and improve search engine ranking;
  • Collect contact information for mailing/other deals.

Single-Page Website Advantages 

Prompt production is the first point. Creating a single page takes less time than a resource with a multi-level menu. By the way, its development cost is much lower (if you prefer the expertise of a professional). With the help of one-page WordPress themes with the WooCommerce option, you will get a project of any complexity in a few minutes. 

The perfect mobile version is another strong argument. It is easy to surf because there is no need to switch between sections. By default, it looks exquisite and operates competently, in particular on small screens.

High consumer focus is the aspiration of many. The client does not wander the boundless expanses of the site and, in a short time acquainted with the key information. If advertising is good, he acts according to your plan. 

Unique design. Typically, landing pages contain as much illustrative material as possible, including photos, videos, graphs, and other visual examples. Also, they are known for their bright and dynamic styling. It is your chance to splash out your imagination with one-page WordPress themes WooCommerce! 

WooCommerce: Versatile And Easy-To-Use Plugin 

Today, it is one of the leading products for creating online stores. It is excellent for small and medium-sized businesses but less often used by large companies. According to statistics, about 9 percent of all active websites and 13 percent of online stores are driven by WooCommerce. Accordingly, it is a reliable and effective tool for achieving your goals. 

Its major perks are: 

  • It is a free plugin;
  • It has many additional extensions to deepen the functionality;
  • It is compatible with WordPress and supports regular updates;
  • Customization is within reach of any user (start the e-shop in a few hours);
  • It is an enhancement to an already existing page – it neatly adds the e-commerce parameters you need without changing the structure of the resource;
  • It is a versatile basis for selling physical and digital items. 

Features Of One Page WordPress Themes WooCommerce 

The TemplateMonster team has developed multi-purpose and attention-grabbing layouts for landing pages. With clear markup and unique web design, many are pitch-perfect for engaging and impressing the customer. Use them for projects of any focus: 

  • Healthcare and medicine;
  • Education and development;
  • Entertainment and hobbies;
  • Sports and outdoor activities;
  • Business and services;
  • Fashion and beauty;
  • Electronics and vehicles;
  • Media and communication;
  • Much more. 

Fully responsive themes automatically adjust the size of elements to the screen extension. Broadcasting on different devices is top-notch, and the consumer enjoys high-quality content. In addition, one-page WordPress themes with WooCommerce functionality have the following features: 

  • SEO is included. The template optimizes the resource for fast indexing and effective ranking. SEO-friendly platforms have high positions in the search engine and, accordingly, stable high traffic. 
  • Available page builder. Elementor website builder, WPBakery, Visual composer, and WordPress customizer API models are presented at your service. They provide exclusive options and tools for website building. 
  • Multi-language. Offer translation into different languages to attract foreign customers. It is much easier and quicker with the help of the WPML or Polylang modules! 
  • Integrate Google maps and fonts. Working on visuals is important. Aesthetic typography contributes to readability. Map orientation is also an indicator of interest in customer comfort. 
  • Drag and Drop. It is a convenient method of controlling interface elements favored by the novice. All you need is a computer mouse or touch screen. 
  • Static. These themes build completely identical pages for all visitors. Also, they have high load speed and constant customer attention. 
  • A documentation file is attached. Tutorials on how to set up and use a one-page WordPress theme WooCommerce are necessary for many people. Look here for answers to your questions. 

One-Page Ideas: How To Create Catchy Landing 

  1. Activate the Revolution Slider. As an additional module, it works harmoniously with WooCommerce. Exciting flipping blocks, photos, and boards are especially relevant for a single-page site. Create great ones with modern animations!
  2. Check out MailChimp. The service will help you get to know your audience better, connect with them, create campaigns, and manage mailings to new subscribers. 
  3. Never skimp on high-quality content. Replace stock images with personal pictures. It will ensure consumer trust and personalize the platform. 
  4. Choose a template according to your needs. A hierarchy of requirements guides your selection: desired set of options, color scheme, extension compatibility, support availability, and cost. 
  5. Build it yourself. Always try to improve your page through customization: add bright details, change hue combinations and contrasts, and experiment with visual effects. 
  6. Pay attention to typography. The font should be readable and appealing. By the way, watch the video selection of trendy fonts by following the link

One-Page WordPress Theme WooCommerce Examples 

The following are prime samples of high-conversion layouts for single-page sites: 



Perfectly tuned for the beauty industry, the theme has all the parameters needed for a successful start. It is a discreet, understated design with smooth transitions and dynamic banners. It is fairly easy to work with: post items for sale, publish calls to action, and actively communicate with your audience. The light background and dark text complement bright aspects – colorful outlines, letters, and buttons. 



Show it to the skeptics assuring that online single-page stores do not exist. With three premade layouts, the theme is completely ready to go. It is lively, vibrant, and very stylish. It combines modern and classic components, creating a harmonious backdrop for your needs. At the same time, it is not the center of attention and does not distract from product viewing. 

To sum up

WooCommerce is a great opportunity to establish online commerce effortlessly. The plugin’s main advantages are user-friendliness, versatility, and a limitless collection of ready-made templates. With the one-page WordPress theme WooCommerce, websites gain a state-of-the-art sophisticated look and profound potential. Customize with a basic set of options or apply additional suggestions – it is up to you. But either way, the result will exceed your expectations! 


  1. Who can help me set up WordPress’s one-page checkout?

The developers offer free technical support for premium users for six months. Address all questions, recommendations, and complaints directly to the author. His competence, in this case, includes troubleshooting. Note that customization services are paid. 

  1. Which is better: a one-page WooCommerce theme free or premium? 

It depends on your budget and expectations. Premium templates allow you to create a unique design. They also offer timely help with technical problems and constant updates. The advantage of free themes is their affordability. 

  1. How to save by buying a premium one-page WordPress theme?

Use MonsterONE membership to get these privileges: 

  • Access to a 200k+ collection of digital products;
  • Unlimited downloads;
  • 30 percent discounts;
  • Customer support;
  • Regular updates. 

Choose your plan (creative, all-in-one, lifetime) and enjoy the freedom and advanced options!

  1. How to choose a one-page WordPress theme WooCommerce?

The TemplateMonster site has lots of tips on selecting a product quickly. In particular, the left sidebar accommodates filters for rating, features, topics, etc. In addition, sort the available models by price and novelty. 

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