‘I am not a witness, questions were asked like a criminal’, Fadnavis said on the interrogation of 2 hours



In the transfer posting case, a team of Mumbai Cyber ​​Police has left from the house of former Maharashtra Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis. The team has interrogated him for two hours at his residence. Soon after the interrogation, Devendra Fadnavis has said many important things through the press conference. He said that today I was questioned like an accused and not as a witness.

Fadnavis said that there is a difference of ground and sky in the questionnaire which was sent to me earlier and the questions asked to me today. From today’s question-and-answer it seemed as if I had committed some crime. What would have been the benefit of giving evidence to the scam which the government was suppressing. He said that on May 30, 2021, I gave the evidence of the transfer scam of Maharashtra to the Union Home Secretary, on which the Mumbai Police registered against me as a violation of the Secret Act. I think the issues I am raising in the Assembly. Because of this, the police want to put pressure on me.

Fadnavis said that I am a whistleblower, I have exposed the scam going on in the government. Whistleblower Safety Act should be imposed on me. The transfer of top officials of the state was known, for that the Union Home Secretary was the right person. That was the reason I gave the documents. Nawab Malik has violated the Secret Act. Fadnavis said that the way I exposed the scam of the state government and the relationships of their ministers with the underworld, so the government is trying to scare me through such notices and inquiries, but I am not afraid.

Fadnavis said that I was ready to go for questioning, but from the police side, where did I go in the evening that I should not come to the police station, the police would come to my house to take a statement. Yesterday I was also given a sudden notice that I should be present in BKC. Fadnavis said that I informed the Union Home Secretary about the transfer scam in the state, on which the High Court handed over the investigation of the case to the CBI. At the same time, the state government did not start the investigation of this matter for 6 months.

Fadnavis also said that yesterday he was called to Mumbai’s BKC police station for questioning, on which the man said I will come, but he said that our team will come to your bungalow. In this case, Valse Patil had alleged violation of the Secret Act, but the evidence I gave in this case was not investigated. I am facing Whistleblower Safety Act because I have exposed the scam. Why would I give evidence of the scam in the state government to the state government. I did not give any confidential document in the public domain, but Nawab Malik exposed the confidential documents in PC to the media, why action was not taken against him?

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