Imran Khan’s jackal shrieked after the missile fell in Pakistan, said – could have given an answer to India



Imran Khan on Indian Missile Incident: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran has given a ruckus to India over the accidentally fired missile. PM Imran Khan has said that Pakistan could have responded to India if the Indian missile fell in its Punjab province, but it showed restraint. On 9 March, an unarmed Indian supersonic missile went into Pakistani territory.

Big threat was created for many airlines

Before the missile hit a cold store near Mian Channu, 275 km from Lahore, it posed a major threat to several airlines. However, there is no news of any loss of life or property in Pakistan due to the fall of this missile. For the first time in his reaction on this matter, PM Imran said, “We could have responded after the Indian missile fell into Mian Channu, but we showed restraint.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan was addressing a rally in Punjab’s Hafizabad on Sunday, amid joint no-confidence motion moved by the opposition. Describing the country’s defense preparedness, Imran said, “We have to strengthen our army and the country.” Earlier, the Foreign Office of Pakistan had said that it is against India for accidentally launching a missile in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Not satisfied with the simple explanation and demanded a joint inquiry.

Pakistan proposes joint probe

Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) said that Pakistan has proposed to New Delhi a joint investigation into the incident to establish the facts, as the missile fell in Pakistani territory. The FO said that India failed to immediately provide information about the accidental launch of the missile. The FO also raised questions about India’s security measures against missiles and such incidents. India claimed that the missile was accidentally launched due to a technical snag during routine maintenance operations. India has ordered a high level inquiry into the incident.

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