In the midst of government formation in Goa, internal tussle started in BJP, will the party change the face of CM?



Goa Assembly Election 2022: The results of the Goa assembly elections have come on 10 March. BJP has emerged as the single largest party in Goa by winning 20 out of 40 seats, but there is internal drag in forming the government. Not that he doesn’t have support. BJP has got 20 out of 40 seats in the state. At the same time, he also has the support of three independent parties. Apart from this, he has the support of 2 MGP MLAs. 

‘Never like this in the history of Goa, since the inception of the state of Goa, it has not happened that a candidate wins any party by a margin of 13 thousand 943 votes. BJP candidate from Parvem Divya Vishwajit Rane has achieved this record, women power has emerged.’

Vishwajit Rane has a desire to become CM

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