In the name of credit card reward points, people used to clean their bank accounts, 2 accused arrested



The Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police has arrested two accused who called people to withdraw money from their bank accounts in the name of credit card reward points. According to the police, both the accused Deepak Kumar and Ratnesh are residents of Bihar. Police have also recovered 7 mobiles, 17 SIM cards, 18 credit cards, 2 laptops, 7 bank accounts and many fake identity cards from them. Till now these accused have made many people their victims.

used to cheat like this

According to the Delhi Police, both of them had obtained the information of a large number of credit card holders. These people used to call the card holders posing as customer care executives and get the card details on the pretext of encashing their credit card reward points and then hack the person’s email id and do the transaction. After hacking the email id, the credit card holder did not get the OTP message on the phone during the transaction and used to transfer money to different wallets only through the OTP received on the mail.

The arrest of such accused

After receiving the complaint, the Delhi Police checked their mobile phone number through which they used to call credit card holders. The police started keeping an eye on their location through phone surveillance. During this, the police came to know that both of them were making a program to eat paratha in Murthal, Sonepat, adjacent to Delhi, late on Saturday. The Delhi Police personnel reached their location by becoming a cab driver and then as soon as they were sitting in both the vehicles, the police caught them.

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