In this way, see the results of the elections of five states on mobile, follow this step by step process



Election Results Live Streaming: On March 10, 2022, the results of the assembly elections of five states of the country are going to be declared. From the parties to the common people, there is curiosity about the result. 10 March is the day of counting of votes for the assembly elections 2022 of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Goa and Punjab. The counting of votes in all these five states will start from March 10 at 8 pm. Counting of votes will be done in 403 seats of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 117 in Punjab, 70 in Uttarakhand, 40 seats in Goa and 60 seats in Manipur.

The Election Commission has also made special preparations for this special day of counting. Tomorrow, the Election Commission will continue to share information about 690 assembly seats in all five states on its website. You can get up-to-the-minute information on the Election Commission’s website and app. The commission will keep updating the information about the trends on its official website This process will start from 8 am on March 10. It is believed that by evening the process of counting will be completed. If you want to see live result through Election Commission website or app then follow this easy step by step process-

Check the result like this on the website of the Election Commission-
To check the result, first of all, click on the website of the Election Commission
Here you click on ‘General Elections to Assembly Constituency March 2022’.
After this, select the state for which you want to know the result.
After this choose the assembly constituency.
After this, the result of that area will start showing in front of you.

Results can also be seen through Election Commission’s app-
For this, first you download the Election Commission app from Play Store or iPhone Store.
After that register in it.
After this, by selecting the Result option, you see the result of the state.

To see the fastest results, you can visit to get instant updates of the results of five states.

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