In UP, the status of many parties has decreased and some have increased, know how the view will look in the assembly this time.



In the 18th assembly of Uttar Pradesh, like the previous assembly, the NDA led by BJP will be seen as the largest party and Samajwadi Party as the main opposition party. But this time the nature of the ‘presence’ of the parties in the assembly will change. In proportion to the presence of parties, the rooms allotted to them in the Vidhan Bhavan can also change. Bahujan Samaj Party, the third largest party last time in the House, has been reduced to one seat this time, while this time Apna Dal (Sonelal) is the third largest party.

It has been a tradition that the party that wins at least one percent, ie, four seats, is allotted a room for office in the Vidhan Bhavan. Accordingly, Congress, BSP and Jansatta Dal (Democratic) may find it difficult to get allotment of rooms. In this context, Special Secretary of the Vidhan Sabha, Braj Bhushan Dubey said, ‘Allotment of rooms to small parties depends on the discretion of the Speaker and the availability of the chamber. By smaller parties, they mean the parties getting less than four seats.

Dubey said, ‘For example, last time Rashtriya Lok Dal got one seat and they were not allotted a room, but this time it has got eight seats, so this party will have an office in the Vidhan Bhavan. If SubhaSP won six seats this time as compared to four seats last time, then their chamber will remain intact. Apna Dal (S) also already has an office but, being the third largest party, the party can claim for a bigger room.

The status of many parties decreased and the stature of many parties increased.
In the state assembly elections, BJP alliance got 273 seats and SP alliance got 125 seats. BJP 255, SP 111, Apna Dal (S) 12, RLD eight, Subhasp and Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal (Nishad) 6-6, Congress and Jansatta Dal (Loktantrik) 2-2 and BSP Got a seat. Apna Dal (S) and Nishad Party in BJP alliance, while RLD and SubhaSP are in SP alliance.

The election results have reduced the status of many parties in the assembly and increased the stature of many parties. A senior BJP leader told that this time the MLAs can come wearing saffron caps. He said that the party has not given any instructions for this, but this time the Prime Minister during the election campaign. Narendra Modi If he wore a saffron cap during the roadshow in Varanasi, MLAs can also come to the house wearing a similar cap.

Most of the SP MLAs used to wear ‘red caps’ during the proceedings of the House. Senior leaders of the ruling BJP, including Prime Minister Modi, had called the red cap of the SP a ‘danger bell’. In 2017, only 47 SP MLAs came to the house by winning but this time their number has increased to 111. This time the SP’s 64 seats have increased as compared to the last time.

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