India is becoming less dependent on Russia for weapons, these are the figures of last 5 years



In the midst of the Ukraine war, there is news that India is now becoming less dependent on Russia for its weapons. According to the latest report by global think tank, SIPRI, Russia’s arms exports have also come down in the last five years. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), India’s arms imports have decreased in the last five years (2017-21) but is still the world’s largest arms importer. India’s arms imports declined by three percent in 2017-21 as compared to 2012-16. India’s share of arms purchases in the world was 14 percent between 2012-16, but it fell to 11 percent between 2017-21. Gone.

At the same time, the share of Saudi Arabia, which is the second largest arms importer, increased from 8.2 percent to 11 percent during this period. According to the SIPRI report, between 2017-21, Russia’s share in the countries from which India imports weapons was 46 percent. France is in second place (27 percent) and America is in third place (12 percent). Let us tell you that between 2012-16, Russia’s share in the supply of arms to India was about 70 percent.

According to the report, Russia’s share of arms exports in the world has fallen by 46 percent between 2017-21 as compared to 2012-16. Russia’s share in arms supplies is now 19 percent. While the share of America has increased during this period. The US is the world’s largest arms exporter with 32 percent.

The report also said why Russia’s share of arms exports has decreased. According to SIPRI, this has happened because Russia has not supplied arms to India and Vietnam. Compared to 2012-16, there was a decrease of 46 percent in arms exported by Russia to India in 2017-21. But the report also said that in the next few years, India is going to get some big deliveries from Russia. These include S-400 missile systems to AK-203 rifles and two warships. Apart from this, talks are also going on between India and Russia about a nuclear submarine.

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