Indian judge Dalveer Bhandari voted against Russia, ICJ ordered to stop the war immediately



21 days ago today Russia attacked Ukraine. Russia is constantly bombing different cities of Ukraine. In such a situation, Ukraine has taken refuge in the ICJ. The ICJ has ordered Russia to immediately stop its military operations from Ukraine. Indian judge Justice Dalveer Bhandari in ICJ has voted against Russia.

The Supreme Court of the United Nations has given this decision after a vote of 15 judges, in which 13 judges voted against and 2 judges voted in favor of Russia. However, his move on the Russia-Ukraine issue is completely different from India’s official foreign policy on the international stage. India has insisted on resolving the matter through Ukraine in the UN.

What will be the effect of this decision on Russia

The International Court of Justice has asked Russia to ensure that other forces backing it also do not conduct military operations in Ukraine. However, being a permanent member of the UN, Russia has veto power and often does not obey the orders of the ICJ. In such a situation, it will be very important to see how Russia reacts to this decision of the ICJ.

Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February

Significantly, Russia attacked Ukraine about 20 days ago. Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February. After the attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned other countries of the world and said that if any country of the world tried to intervene in this war, then it would happen in history which would never have happened before.

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