Indians will return by 100 flights by March 11, many students are still stuck in Sumi area



Operation Ganga: of the Indian government ,‘Operation Ganga’ is now running at full speed and out of total 20 thousand Indians trapped in Ukraine, 13,000 have returned home. But even now, it remains a challenge to bring the students trapped in Sumi to their homeland, because there is a fierce battle going on between the two armies in this area and in such a situation, it is not only a challenge to evacuate about 700 students trapped there to the border, but also the danger of life. It’s like playing with.

Indian students have been expelled from Kharkiv

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian students have been evacuated from Kharkiv. Everyone will be rescued from Pisochin in a few hours. Now the government’s emphasis is on Sumi. For them, the government is considering many options, but safety is above all. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, those students are under tension, but are in a safe place. This is a matter of relief. The government is in constant touch with them.

Even today, hundreds of students are going to return home through 13 flights.

Apart from Sumi, the work of bringing Indian students to the border countries from where Indian students are reaching, is now going on at a fast pace. Even today, hundreds of students are going to return home through 13 flights. In the morning, a special aircraft carrying 183 Indian nationals from Ukraine reached the national capital from Budapest, Hungary.

,operation Ganges, From Indians Of rescue

  • So far about 13 thousand Indians have reached home by 63 flights.
  • A total of 100 flights have been scheduled till March 11.
  • Aircraft of 6 private companies were also involved with the Air Force.
  • The Government of India started Operation Ganga from 26 February.

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