India’s youth joins Ukraine’s army, is fighting a war against Russia



A 21-year-old student from Tamil Nadu has joined the Ukrainian army to fight against Russia. Actually, he had applied to join the Indian Army, but he was rejected. According to the intelligence report of the Central Government, the youth of Tamil Nadu is a resident of Thudaliyur in Coimbatore. His name is Sainesh Ravichandran. He is a student of Aerospace Engineering at Kharkiv National University, Ukraine.

Sources in Tamil Nadu Police told IANS that a group of Central Intelligence Bureau officials visited Sainikesh’s residence a few days back and gathered all the details about him as to why he had joined the Ukrainian Army. According to police officials, his parents informed intelligence officers that he had a passion for military and armed training and had filled his room with photographs of the Indian Army and officers.

Families upset with Sainikesh Ravichandran
Sainesh had inquired from the US Consulate in Chennai to join the US Army, but as he knew it was not possible, he returned home. However, family members said he was pursuing his five-year aerospace engineering course and told his parents that he had found a job at a video game company just days before the war broke out.

However, the family learned that he had joined the Ukrainian army only after intelligence officers met him. His father Ravichandran told IANS, “I am very upset and I have requested the Indian government to bring my son back to India. He had contacted the house a few days ago and said that he is safe. That is not our thing. is listening.”

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