What is most intimidating about mice infestation?


Mice building nests in human homes and outdoors is a common practice that has been going on for centuries. Mice love to live with or near human because they are great and readymade source of shelter from foul weather and predators and food articles that they need to survive. Human homes are apparently built for comfort and are also built to face natural calamities and avoid outside intrusion by anti-socials. For human these things are easy to identify and take necessary precautions or stop gap measures but it is difficult for them to setup protection against rodent invasion. In such cases you have no other alternative but find professional help like BBPP, most successful mice control Thornhill to capture and exterminate them.

What is intimidating about mice invasion and the consequent infestation? 

It is the sheer numbers that will intimidate you if you let them grow in your home premises. A lone or couple of mice are enough to disturb peace in the home and cause extensive damage to structures, home appliances and food stock. Mice snack several times a day though their food intake is of small quantity. You may be able to bear the loss if the number of mice is just under three. Even there is crowd but the way they multiply you will have a huge colonies of house mice that keep the population chain going uninterrupted and smoothly. This is something every house owner dreads because wholesale devastation of home and its contents can occur anytime.

Hard to manage when they are a crowd

You can eliminate a couple of mice on your own. You could also manage a mice nest containing half a dozen puppies with parent. You certainly cannot manage hundreds of them and that is what will happen when you fail to arrest the rot in the initial stages. Since mice take just 21 days to deliver a litter consisting of 3-12, the population will boom when the delivered lot get ready to produce more babies for the colony within 6 weeks of their birth. 10 things a food packaging supplier must know

Mice when take the shape of a colony can be a terrifying experience because of the following:

  • Your house will smell of mice odour which is akin to ammonia gas or similar pungent odours that are unpleasant to your nostril
  • Every day you will find a new issue such as chewed wires, insulation, furniture, woodwork, upholstery, and so on
  • You will also see food bags ripped open and cereals filled on the floor along with mice urine stains, droppings, and saliva
  • They can spread contamination and in the process pass on deadly viruses such as Hantavirus, LCMV, bubonic plague, rat-bite-fever and more. These could become lethal if not attended with proper medical care
  • You may not be able to sleep because of mice chattering and activities during nights
  • If you have a garden you are likely to suffer from plant damage
  • Similar fate awaits your outbuildings such as barn, garage and storage units

You will suffer from the above if you do not make arrangement to exterminate the mice population in your house. For this you will have to contact BBPP, the best pest control Thornhill and for other towns nearby. If you want their service you can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to [email protected] and get a free quote.

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