ITBP Warrior Dogs Julie and Oksana gave birth to 13 fighter puppies, video viral



Along with the soldiers, dogs also have an important role in the security of the country. The dog is considered to be the most loyal of the animals. Many examples of this are found. From protecting the country’s border to the police, dogs are also helping in catching the criminals. The army of the country includes many loyal and brave dogs, they are trained by the army. At the same time, in ITBP also many dogs are supporting the soldiers. Julie and Oksana, who are involved in ITBP, are being discussed a lot these days. In Panchkula, Haryana, both the female dogs have given birth to many fighter puppies. The video after giving birth to the puppies is becoming quite viral.

ITBP Warrior Dogs gave birth to 13 puppies

Warrior dogs Julie and Oksana of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) gave birth to 13 puppies near Panchkula in Haryana on Saturday. ITBP i.e. Indo-Tibetan Border Police has shared a video. In this viral video shared on Saturday, ITBP showed its two German Shepherd females. In which both have recently become mothers. At the same time, ITBP has said in a statement that its warrior dogs Julie and Oksana have given birth to 13 puppies in Panchkula, Haryana. Both of these are very good breed female dogs.

Malinois breed are female dogs

ITBP posted a cute video of a dog feeding its milk to newborn puppies. A statement from ITBP said that this week ITBP warriors Julie and Oksana have brought 13 puppies to this world. These puppies were born in the National Augmentation for K9s (NAK) project. Julie and Oksana belong to a globally accepted Malinois breed known for their prowess in conflict zones. ITBP can train them and involve them in anti-terrorist operations. They are very loyal and powerful. They help them by establishing a better rapport with the ITBP jawans.

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