Kapil Sibal’s big attack after the defeat of Congress in the elections, said- Gandhi family should give chance to someone else



Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s big statement has come after the defeat in the five state assembly elections. He said that the Gandhi family should leave the post and another leader should get a chance. He targeted the party leadership and said that if they are not aware of the reasons for the defeat, then they are living in Kalpana Lok. He said these things in an interview given to a newspaper.

In an interview to The Indian Express, Sibal said he was not surprised by the party’s defeat in the assembly elections. He said, “There is a Congress outside the CWC as well… please listen to their views, if you want… There are many leaders like us who are not in the CWC, but the Congress has a completely different perspective. What It does not matter to us because we are not in CWC? “

Priyanka Gandhi gearing up for 2024

Kapil Sibal is saying that Gandhi family is living in Kalpana Lok. At the same time, even after the defeat, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has not given up. She has started making strategy for 2024 in UP. If sources are to be believed, Priyanka Gandhi brainstormed on the defeat in Uttar Pradesh in the Congress Working Committee meeting held on Sunday, but held a meeting with the workers for hours before that.

The performance of Congress in Uttar Pradesh elections has been very disappointing this time. Congress has been number one in forfeiture of bail. Of the 399 Congress candidates, 387 forfeited their deposits. Congress has won only two seats. Congress got only 2.33 percent votes this time. This was the worst performance in the history of Congress in UP. That too when Priyanka Gandhi was constantly active in UP.

During the election, Priyanka Gandhi tried everything from street struggle to emotional appeal, but the elections became two-polar. Nothing worked in the election. The match was fought only between BJP and SP. But without being afraid of defeat, Priyanka has started preparing for the next election. According to sources, Priyanka Gandhi has also prepared the blue print for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in this meeting.

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