Know all about South African Social Security Agency Grants (SASSA)


Here is an over about Sassa social security grant agency and how to apply for social assistance and check your current Sassa status! Find all here:

Social grants in South Africa are administered by the Sassa, which is a well-established social welfare organization. A large proportion of social grants are distributed to all the citizens of South Africa by the Sassa agency.

Sassa Grants:

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) distributes the following grants to its citizens:

Older person’s grant (old age pension):

The old age pension is for older people. Persons who are 65 years old or above can apply for the older person grant.

Child support grant

It is provided to only the primary caregiver of a child. The child support grant is for those children who have who are less than 18 years old.

Care dependency grant

The care dependency grant is for those children who does not take care of themselves and they need special care. 

War veteran’s grant

The people who take part in world war two or the Korean War can apply for the grant.

Foster child grant

Foster child care grants are for those children who are orphans or who are in custody by the orders of the court.

Disability grant

This grant is for those who are unfit mentally or physically. 

Social Relief Of distress Grant/ Sassa SRD r350 Grant:

In Covid-19 situation, the Sassa also start the special Covid-19 r350 grant for their citizens. Everyone can apply for the social relief of distress r350 grant, and it is for temporary assistance. Only applicants who currently live in South Africa, whose has permanent residents or refugee status, or only South African citizen can apply for the Sassa grant. For the grant, every applicant needs to qualify for the “means-tested.” The mean test is the process through which every person’s assets and income value are counted, and on that estimation, the decision is made whether the applicant qualifies for the grant or not, as Sassa announced the certain threshold for the assets as well as for the monthly income. 

Sassa Status Check Online through the Sassa website:

As an applicant, after finishing the process of application. You can check status of your sassa grant application through the Sassa website.


The main purpose of Sassa Social Grants is to improve the standards of living of South African citizens and equally distribute money to create a more equitable society with equal living standards.

The Sassa applicant can also get help from the Sassa official by visiting any nearest Sassa office or by calling on Sassa Toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11. You can also contact Sassa through email: [email protected] 

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