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Text message marketing is used by brands to provide an additional customer support channel, an additional way for customers to make a purchase, and to alert subscribers to new products, deals, or company announcements.

They primarily employ text message marketing because it is more effective than email.

If you believe in the power of SMS marketing but aren’t sure where to begin, consider these 9 SMS marketing tools.



Postscript is an SMS marketing platform used by Shopify and Shopify Plus e-commerce businesses to build and manage subscriber lists. It is used as a customer support channel to run creative campaigns, make product announcements, send special offers, and chat directly with customers.



Attentive is a text messaging platform used by Shopify and Shopify Plus e-commerce and retail brands. Clients can use it to create segmented lists, send automated texts to subscribers based on their purchasing habits, deliver targeted messages about products or promotions, and respond to customer service inquiries.


SMS Bump-

SMSBump is designed for merchants who use Shopify, Shopify Plus, or Big Commerce. Businesses can use it to collect opted-in subscribers, sort them into highly segmented lists, set up automations, create custom flows, and schedule campaigns.

SMSBump includes basic analytics tools to help businesses track campaign performance and conversions.


Slick Text-

Businesses can use this SMS marketing platform to schedule and send mass text messages, segment their subscriber lists, set up automatic responses, create drip campaigns, and engage in two-way conversations. SlickText can also be used to automate and personalize birthday texts, as well as run text-to-win contests.


Simple Texting-

Simple Texting is used for SMS marketing by businesses in industries ranging from technology to service. They use it specifically to facilitate two-way conversations between their brand and customers, to schedule texts, to host text-to-vote surveys and contests, and to set up drip campaigns, triggers, and auto replies.


Octane Al-

Octane AI is a multichannel marketing platform for e-commerce brands with Shopify and Shopify Plus storefronts. They can use it to collect customer insights via embedded shippable quizzes, make data-driven product recommendations, and encourage repeat purchases.



Klaviyo is a service that allows e-commerce businesses to reach out to customers via email and SMS. It offers an integrated system with centralized platform management.

Klaviyo also offers the standard SMS marketing features, allowing brands to send promotional texts and nudge specific customers who have abandoned their cart.



Omnisend is yet another marketing automation platform aimed primarily at e-commerce businesses, particularly those looking to consolidate their email and SMS marketing activities under one roof with tight integration. Users of Omnisend can combine automated texts, push notifications, and email into a single automated workflow.



Subtext is an outlier on this list, but it’s worth mentioning for brands who want to explore all of their options. By facilitating text-based conversations, the platform is used by media companies, creators, and thought leaders who want to establish and deepen intimate connections with their customers and followers. The ultimate goal is to form communities.


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