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While the internet has helped us in innumerable ways, it has also made it easier for people to illegally copy and leak movies without paying the deserved royalties to their creators. One such torrent website that encourages illegal leaks of Tamil films is Moviesda. 

Similar to thousands of other piracy websites, Moviesda is completely free for viewers all over India. One can download the latest Tamil films without having to pay a single rupee. While using these websites is unsafe and illegal, we see the popularity of such websites has risen exponentially. 

What is Moviesda?

People are always looking for ways to get something done for free and watching movies is not an exception to this. Moviesda is a piracy website that enables people’s wish to watch movies for free. It leaks the latest films in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. One of the main reasons for this website’s increasing popularity is that it often leaks Tamil films before they are even released in the theatres. This allows fans who are too impatient to wait for the movie’s official release in cinema halls to watch it beforehand and that too for free. 

Moviesda was previously known as Isamini and had huge collections of dubbed international and Hollywood films as well. However, recently it has chosen to focus primarily on Tamil and Telegu films. 

Categories in Moviesda

Moviesda has a very simple user interface and it is evident that the website is mainly for smartphone users. The landing page is divided into two sections: Moviesda Updates and Moviesda Downloads. We first see the Moviesda Updates section where all the latest Tamil films are listed. Movies that had been released a long time ago but just recently had been added to Moviesda can also be found here. The movie name along with its release date as well as its download link is mentioned here. 

Upon scrolling down, the Moviesda Downloads come into sight. This section contains different folders which segregate the movies to their respective release year. Here are all the folders under this section: 

  • Tamil 2021 Movies
  • Tamil 2020 Movies
  • Tamil 2019 Movies
  • Tamil 2018 Movies
  • Tamil 2017 Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Movies
  • Tamil 2015 Movies
  • Tamil Movies Collection
  • Tamil 2019 (SIngle part)
  • Tamil HD Mobile Movies
  • Tamil Movies Update (Daily)

Is it safe to use Moviesda?

Moviesda commits copyright infringement by unlawfully leaking movies. This makes its viewers who watch these pirated movies commit this crime as well. While it is harder for all the viewers to be punished, there is a risk of being jailed for up to 3 years if someone is found dealing with illegal pirated content. The individual can also be fined between ₹50,000 and ₹200,000. 

Apart from the legal consequences, piracy websites such as Moviesda often contain malware and harmful viruses that can damage your device and potentially leave your data vulnerable. Moreover, while advertisements are not visible on the initial landing page of this website, every link provided leads to different advertisements. The user has to exit the ad pages and click on the links again and again for it to finally give them the actual content it is supposed to give. While these hidden ads are usually not harmful, they can be quite frustrating to deal with. 

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