Learn Why It Is Essential To Make A Maintenance Schedule of Generators


One of the main advantages of betting on the leasing of power generators is that all maintenance work is done by the leasing company. However, you can never be too aware of some processes. This is the case of refueling the fuel tank.

In order to extend the useful life of the equipment, some simple measures can help reduce energy waste. The best thing to do is to follow a maintenance checklist, thus ensuring the periodicity of equipment observation in order to minimize failures.

These elements are part of a generator maintenance plan. The specifics, of course, may vary from model to model, but in general, some essential care can ensure not only greater durability of the machines, but also a smaller number of problems.

Special Care with a Generator

There are several reasons to place the periodic maintenance of generators among the essential items to be observed. If the renting company does not comply with the standards established by the manufacturer, for example, in the event of a generator problem, the warranty may even be cancelled.

In addition, the safety of all those who are in the vicinity is a cause for concern. Therefore, maintenance must be done by authorized professionals and the most respected companies in the market take this prerequisite very seriously: and you should trust only those with a proven track record of quality.

Keeping an Eye on the Generator: The Ideal Maintenance Schedule for One Year

To ensure the maximum energy efficiency of a generator, technicians and those responsible for handling the equipment need to observe certain measures periodically.

From checking the fuel tank, to the oil, the batteries, and the air filter, everything should be observed in due course. Below we list the recommended actions for your machine, be it a gasoline, diesel or dual fuel generator over a one-year period.

Daily check

Some general recommendations can be observed daily. The fuel level, for example, is the most important item: if it is low, it is time to fill the tank. Don’t wait for the lack of diesel to interrupt the operation of the equipment.

The heater must be firm and without signs of wear. The same goes for the air tubing, which must be connected to the radiator. Signs of corrosion and carbon are also warning signs. Finally, check the oil level and add more if necessary.

Weekly check

Here are other items that require more attention. When draining the fuel tank, for example, the maintenance person must make sure that the water at the bottom is completely eliminated.

The water must also be drained from the bottom of the fuel filter box. The battery charger, on the other hand, should be checked to see what voltage is floating on it, with adjustments being made if necessary. Finally, remove the debris from the air filter after a thorough inspection.

Monthly check

Every 30 days the list of items to be checked also includes more particularities. The charge of the starter battery should be checked and a thorough examination of the connections should be made to avoid any gaps or corrosion points.

The belt tension unit should also be inspected. To check the coolant concentration, a hydrometer should be used. A sample of the coolant is enough to check that everything is according to the guidelines in the manual.

Biannual check

Every six months there are new and important items that should be checked. The radiator hose should be connected tightly and without signs of wear. The fuel filter, regardless of the level of sediment accumulation, should be changed.

The breather sump should be cleaned, following the instructions in the manual. The coolant filter also needs to be replaced, as does the air filter element. Note that here too it doesn’t matter the level of debris accumulation, the procedure should be done in the same way.

Annual check

Finally, it is also important to remember that once a year the generator’s cooling system should undergo a thorough cleaning. These measures, if followed to the letter, should result in the reduction of problems and the extension of the equipment’s useful life.

Periodic Maintenance: The Secret to Quality and Safety

There are many websites online to tell you about the best generators, but only a few discuss the strict maintenance schedule that must be observed in generators. But the maintenance schedules must be strictly observed in order to get the best out of the generator.

This is why, in many cases, leasing a generator is a more interesting decision than purchasing one. This is because when you buy a generator, you also get all the costs related to maintenance.

In other words, it is important to measure the costs involved in buying a generator – and they go far beyond the final price paid for the product. The maintenance costs, including a dedicated employee, can make this alternative unviable.

For this reason, we recommend that when preparing a budget, your company should take all alternatives into consideration. You need a working generator to meet your needs, not to create another expense point outside the scope of your business.

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