Long discussion on defeat and role of Gandhi family in G23 leaders’ meeting



G23 leaders had a long meeting over dinner at Ghulam Nabi Azad’s house in Delhi on Wednesday night. According to information received from sources by ABP News, it was agreed between the G23 leaders to work as a pressure group and with all the proposals, Ghulam Nabi Azad can meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

According to information received from sources by ABP News, in this meeting of G23, there was a long discussion on the continuous defeat of the Congress and the role of the Gandhi family and the meeting matured to try to put pressure on the Congress leadership for change through a pressure group. Will. An objection was also lodged in the meeting this time as to why Harish Rawat, whose strategy led to the party’s bad condition in Punjab, was allowed to appear as the face of the undeclared chief minister’s post in Uttarakhand.

Why was the resignation of the general secretaries in charge not sought?

Not only this, G23 leaders objected to the inclusion of leaders like Ajay Maken and Avinash Pandey in the responsibilities given by Sonia Gandhi to different states for review of defeat and necessary organizational change, saying that when these same people are defeated. If you are responsible, then how was it done? Apart from this, the G23 leaders also said that if the Congress President asked for the resignation of the presidents of all the five states, then why was the resignation of the general secretaries in charge not sought.

It is worth noting that Priyanka Gandhi herself is the general secretary in-charge of Uttar Pradesh. According to information received from sources by ABP News, the G23 leaders also alleged that the group of sycophantic politicians around the Gandhi family and especially Rahul Gandhi is not allowing them to see the truth. G23 leaders believe that Rahul Gandhi’s methods have changed a lot and it has to be realized that now the only option is to move towards a collective leadership entrusted to someone else on the president.

Congress party should not be broken.

According to the exclusive information received by ABP News, there was a consensus among all in the meeting that the Congress party should not be broken and if even now the Congress leadership does not listen to the G23 leaders, then these leaders are strongly opposed to the public. can go. The most important thing is that after Azad agreed to meet Sonia Gandhi on all the demands, Ghulam Nabi Azad has also sought time to meet Sonia Gandhi, but he has not been given time to meet Sonia Gandhi yet.

In the coming time in the G23 meeting, a strategy has been made to contact the states and Congress leaders. It is worth noting that in this meeting held on Wednesday, Shashi Tharoor, Manishkar Iyer, Preneet Kaur and Shankar Singh Vaghela also attended the meeting.

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