Major rank officer killed in helicopter crash of Indian Army in Gurez sector of Kashmir



An officer of the rank of Major has died in the crash of an Indian Army helicopter in the snowy Gurez sector of Kashmir. Major Sankalp Yadav was the co-pilot of the crashed Cheetah helicopter and died during treatment at the hospital. The condition of the pilot who was injured in the accident is also said to be critical. According to Srinagar-based Defense Ministry spokesman, Lt Col Imron Mousavi, the army’s Cheetah helicopter went on a routine flight on Friday to rescue a sick soldier at a forward post in Gurez sector.

During the routine flight, the helicopter lost contact with the forward post. In the search operation, the wreckage of the helicopter was recovered from an icy drain. Both the pilot and the co-pilot were seriously injured in the incident. Both were immediately admitted to Base Hospital in Srinagar. During treatment, co-pilot Major Sankalp Yadav died.

Major Sankalp Yadav was 29 years old and he joined the Aviation Corps of the Indian Army in the year 2015. He was originally from Jaipur (Rajasthan). Apart from him, there is a father in his family. According to a Defense Ministry spokesperson, the injured pilot is in a stable condition despite being critical. An inquiry has been ordered into the incident so that the reasons can be ascertained.

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