Mallikarjun Kharge accuses the leaders of ‘G23’ of breaking the Congress, know what they said



Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Kharge called ‘G23’ The leaders of the group have been targeted at a time when the leaders of this group are going to meet on Wednesday evening and decide the future strategy. Kharge said, ‘‘Let them hold 100 meetings. No one can weaken Sonia Gandhi. The Congress party is completely with him. These people will continue to hold meetings and deliver speeches.’’

Attended CWC meeting in the last days ‘G23’ Some of the BJP leaders said that they had been demanding corrective steps to strengthen the party, but some leaders called them an ‘insult’. done, which should now be closed. According to sources, these leaders said that they are members of Congress, ‘political tourists’. are not and will always remain in the party. He also said that the party leadership had to ‘spread rumours’. One should be careful about the people.

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