Mamata Banerjee’s attack on BJP, told – riotous and corrupt party, claims to be removed from power in 2024



West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be thrown out of power the day people get a proper alternative. Banerjee said her party and other opposition camps should come together to form an alternative force.

Addressing the party’s organizational meeting, he said that BJP is still in power because there is no option left. The day the option is found, it will be thrown out. Mamta Banerjee has made this announcement on the first anniversary of the third term of the party.

Mamta talked about starting a public relations program from May 5 and said that it will continue till July 21. He said that Ram and Bam (BJP and Left) have joined hands in Bengal. But this state will show how to defeat BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Mamta was elected as party president only last month

Describing the BJP as a ‘party of rioters’, Mamta said that the uproar created by its members in the assembly on Monday was ‘unprecedented’. Last month, Banerjee, who was re-elected as party president, constituted a new state committee consisting mostly of her loyalists. This committee has been constituted in the midst of the alleged power struggle between the old leaders and the younger leaders in the party.

Prashant Kishor was also present on the stage.

The TMC supremo appointed Subrata Bakshi as the party’s state president and Partha Chatterjee as the general secretary again. He also appointed about 20 vice-presidents, including former state finance minister Amit Mitra and 19 state general secretaries. At the same time, TMC’s political advisor Prashant Kishor was also present in the meeting and he was seen sharing the stage with other senior leaders of the party.

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