Mamta Banerjee disclosed about Pegasus, said – I got ‘offer’ to buy it for 25 crores, but ..



West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Thursday that the cyber security company that makes ‘Pegasus’ approached the state police 4-5 years ago and offered to supply the controversial Israeli spyware for just Rs 25 crore, but when she was asked about it. When I found out, he turned it down. Banerjee claimed that the central government bought spyware and used it against judges and officials for “political” gains instead of using it for the security of the country.

Mamata Banerjee claimed at the state secretariat, “They (NSO, the maker of Pegasus) had approached everyone to sell their goods. They had also approached our police four-five years ago and offered to sell it for Rs 25 crore. When I got the information, I said that we do not need it. He said that his government had turned down the offer to buy it, as it would have affected the privacy of the people.

The West Bengal CM said, “If it was used for the benefit or security of the country, it would have been a completely different matter, but it was used for political purposes, against judges, officials, which is not acceptable at all. can be done.” During this, he had claimed that the Andhra Pradesh government had bought this spyware during the tenure of Chandrababu Naidu. The Telugu Desam Party, however, denied the claim and said that the Chandrababu Naidu government had not made any such purchases.

Lokesh, who was the Minister of Information Technology in the Naidu government, said on Mamata Banerjee’s claim, “I don’t know if she has actually said so, and if yes, where and in what context. If he has said so, then surely he has been given wrong information.” Lokesh said, “Yes, Pegasus had also offered to sell its spyware to the Andhra Pradesh government, but we rejected it.”

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