Mannequin Style & Buying Guide


Are you looking for the ideal way to display your clothes in an open display in a window or on the floor of the store? Mannequins feature a realistic human appearance and a captivating style that is ideal for showcasing clothes. Why would you keep clothing folded on a rack if customers are able to see how they look at before buying? Designers and manufacturers also utilize models to showcase their latest products at fashion and trade show exhibitions. Many tech companies employ body models to show the wearable tech such as smart watches, VR headsets, and activity trackers can be being worn. We offer a variety of mannequin designs to pick from to meet this massive demand, allowing every business, from the local tailor to a global department-store chain. What is the best way to make your clothes appear the best?


Realistic mannequins is one of our most requested lines because of their real-life facial characteristics and look. They are characterized by flesh tones and usually come with an authentic wig to provide customers with a realistic image of your clothing.

Our collection of realistic male mannequins and female models with adult and child sizes. Each of them has highly elaborate faces, as well as features like eyebrows as well as lip coloration, and different styles of eyelashes for females and males. Realistic designs also feature full-formed hands and feet that feature jewelry, watches and even footwear.

Plus-sized mannequins continue to gain popularity. They show real size bodies, not only the thin, beautiful models that are often featured in commercials. Women often feel that they connect more with these models in terms of size, and provide more accurate representation of what clothes will look like. Body image is a major factor in deciding on which models to choose, and it can create a negative impression with clients.


Abstract mannequins feature a distinctive look and shape that’s popular in designer stores. These figures have an attractive gloss finish and a smooth head without facial features. Retailers often use abstract mannequins to feature trendy clothing and new lines of apparel as the sleek combination of a glossy finish and featureless face help keep the focus on the wardrobe.

Abstract shapes are available in a variety of colors to fit with any décor. Metallic gray mannequins convey an edgy vibe, while glossy white offers a neutral look that attracts attention. For a less formal appearance pick one with an matte finish that will give greater attention to clothes. These mannequins are great for stores seeking a modern design.


Partially displayed models include mannequins who lack legs, arms or even heads. This design is ideal for displaying specific items like watches or bracelet, in which only one body part is needed. The dress forms are available in separate head, legs or torsos with a range of designs and shapes. Partial mannequins come in a smaller size , which allows them to be put directly on display cases or even on countertops. The use of highlighting specific items rather than making a complete outfit has some distinct advantages. This lets you create an attractive centerpiece from an accessory , without having other pieces of clothing that distract from the. Customers can also imagine the outfit they want to go with the hat or necklace displayed.

Art & Controversial

For certain people, a model isn’t enough. According to the old saying: “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” Some retailers have taken this advice to heart particularly when it comes to models. American Apparel recently displayed controversial display that was more authentic and real than the typical body-shape display. Many lingerie stores have been taking heat for wearing mannequins with such a small size in that rib cages could be seen. The stores suffered an unpopular public image and also received an enormous amount of publicity that they wouldn’t have previously been available.

Another way to stand out , without offending anyone or creating a negative image it is to ask artists to design mannequins. There are numerous artists who work exclusively with the mannequins in order to create art on a canvas with a human shape. Unprecedented art that’s never seen before is a guaranteed method to bring more people to come in.

With the many possibilities available it’s easy to get confused when trying to decide. Make sure to look over the entirety of your shop and clothing collection to identify your specific requirements. Utilize this guide to figure out the exact type of mannequins are needed!

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