Now the political ruckus about the exodus of Kashmiris, Congress attacks BJP



Congress on the film ‘Kashmir Files’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi Attacked him on Tuesday for his remarks and alleged that there was an exodus of Kashmiri Pandits under the BJP-backed central government, but the Prime Minister only wants to take advantage of their wounds by defeating them.

Party’s Chief Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, while asking questions to Prime Minister Modi, said that when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee under the shadow of terror and barbarism in 1990, 85 BJP MPs with whose support the VP Singh government at the Center was running. What were you doing? Why did the Governor replace the Chief Minister and instead of providing security, instigate the Pandits to flee?

BJP gives silent support to the tragedy of Kashmiri Pandits

Surjewala said that in the BJP-backed government, when Kashmiri Pandits were being harassed and exodus, Rajiv Gandhi raised his voice, but the BJP gave silent support to this tragedy and ‘Rath Yatra’ for political gains. were taking out.

What did the government do for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in eight years?

The Congress leader said that it was the same then and is still the same. What did the Modi government do for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in eight years? The situation worsened again in Kashmir, violence escalated and thousands of Kashmiris had to face migration. When Kashmiris could not do anything for the Pandits, they started showing the “film”? How long will the crop of profit from the cultivation of hatred?

He claimed, “When the Kashmiri Pandits were forced to migrate…when the Delhi government was running with your support. When your leader Jagmohan was the governor by replacing the chief minister and he shied away from the responsibility… then BJP and Advani ji were busy in “rath yatra”. The operator-event manager of that Rath Yatra was Modi ji.

Three thousand Kashmiri Pandits were given jobs in the UPA government

Surjewala also said that in the Prime Minister’s package, 4241 terrorists were killed in the 10 years of the UPA government, 3000 jobs were given to Kashmiri Pandits and 5911 transit houses were made. In the Modi government in eight years, 1419 terrorists were killed, only 520 got jobs and 1000 transit houses were built. Will you take advantage only by defeating the wounds?

Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday hailed the ‘Kashmir Files’ and slammed those claiming to be the flag-bearers of freedom of expression for their campaign to defame it.

Approving the script of the film in a way, he said that he was surprised that this truth was kept suppressed for so many years which is now being brought out on the basis of facts. It is to be known that a political controversy has also erupted regarding this film. Congress has raised some objections regarding this film.

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