Most common obstacles to overcome while writing a narrative essay


When it comes to completing a writing project, a student goes through numerous stages of despair and must overcome some challenges on the route to submitting an amazing work. One can overcome it by taking essay help from professionals. These are the most common issues that every writer may encounter at any point during the writing process:

  • No idea where to begin the text
  • Trying to come up with compelling arguments
  • Eliminating cliched phrases
  • How do you choose the appropriate tone for your audience?
  • What if I fail?
  • Quotes should be formatted correctly
  • Organize your time

1: Starting sentence

The first sentence of the essay is the most difficult and time-consuming.

Solution: For a student who neglects the pre-writing stage, this is one of the most common problems in academic writing. Before you begin writing, take some time to establish the essay’s aim (e.g., to educate, convince, etc.) and consider how you may do it.

When putting down all of the ideas that come to mind without filtering them, for example, you can build a mind map or utilize a word salad technique. As a result, you’ll know where to look for supplies and information.

2: Look for persuasive arguments

Solution: Conduct a comprehensive investigation into the problem and double-check your list of suggestions. Remember that any argument can appear strong if backed up with evidence from credible sources.

People are more likely to trust credible sources, so take advantage of this. Put a librarian to work for you! Do not rely solely on the Internet, as not all excellent journals or books are available online.

One of the most common challenges with writing is confining oneself to online sources.

Don’t be afraid to think beyond the box!

3: Clichés


Please get rid of them as soon as possible. Read the material carefully, and if you see a mistake, rewrite it in simpler language.

If you can’t see them right away, have a friend read the text to you because it’s easier to spot them from the sidelines.

Remember to avoid clichés at all costs!

Another important part of your paper’s success is the audience. You don’t write for the benefit of a corporation. As a result, you must consider the audience and ensure that the document is attractive to readers.

It should not provide information that your audience already knows, nor should it be too basic or complicated to comprehend.

4: The audience and the tone of voice


It’s one of the most prevalent writing issues faced by students. To write a top-notch paper, you must meet academic writing requirements and use the appropriate tone and vocabulary.

Academic papers typically require unbiased third-person language, so double-check the work and correct all of your “I believe” and “To my opinion” statements.

All of the language used in the text should be clarified, and colloquialisms and slang should be avoided. However, you are mistaken if you believe that adding a lot of compound terms and too much sector-specific language is a smart idea.

Plain, clear, and logical language is difficult to beat. It’s a sign that a writer’s grasp of the issue is superficial when he hides behind heavy-weight word structures.

5: Fear of Failure

Solution: Many students who have problems writing essays forget about appropriate citation formatting and end up in trouble.

Plagiarism is defined as using a quote without proper attribution in a text.

Do you want to face plagiarism charges?

If not, stick to the citation style you’ve chosen. There are numerous recommendations available online that can be used to ensure that the formatting is correct.

6: Quotations

Solution: many students struggling with writing essays forgets about the proper formatting of the citations and then get into trouble.

Every quote placed into the text without affiliation is considered to be plagiarism.

… Do you want to be punished for plagiarism?

If not, stick to the chosen citation style. But, again, there are plenty of guidelines online where you can check the correctness of the formatting.

7: Time management


Don’t let procrastination win. It’s a strong temptation to put off completing a task until a deadline, then rush through it in a few hours.

Writing challenges can be avoided with proper planning.

No student wants to spend several days editing a paper. However, devoting a few more hours to research will vastly improve your understanding of the problem.

You’ll also be able to put the document away for a few days and come back to it. As a result, you’ll be able to modify it from a new perspective.

Other issues with writing that you may encounter

There are various reasons why low-quality publications develop. Lack of time, focus, inspiration, and knowledge on where to begin are examples.

  • Time constraints can only be overcome through adequate preparation, as they are unavoidable. So here’s a tip: note all the reference information whenever you use a source. As a result, you will be able to save a significant amount of time.
  • If you’re having trouble concentrating on your work, try turning off your phone and ignoring your social media accounts for at least a couple of hours. It is guaranteed to work.
  • If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, try reading writings on the same topic. It might assist you in shaping your thinking on the appropriate path.
  • If you only have a rudimentary understanding of the subject, the only way to improve is to study more. Regrettably, there is no magic method that will enable you to learn more.
  • Develop a daily habit of writing practice if your writing skills may use some work. Purchase a nice notepad and jot down your random thoughts.
  • It can be difficult for some people to edit and proofread their work. So here’s a tip: read the paragraph backward, beginning with the final word and ending with the first. Another excellent method is to read the document out loud. You can then identify the areas where the transitions are not seamless.

It is acceptable to seek professional assistance if you have trouble composing an essay. After all, no one is forcing you to purchase a bespoke paper. Instead, you can go through sample papers or hire a professional editor to help you.

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