On the defeat in Punjab, Sunil Jakhar said – Channi was not accepted by the people, if Sidhu was a face…



After the crushing defeat of the Congress in the Punjab Assembly elections, veteran leader Sunil Jakhar has given many reasons for the party’s defeat. In a conversation with ‘ABP News’, Jakhar also made a big statement about Charanjit Singh Channi and Navjot Singh Sidhu. He said that if Sidhu had been made the face of the Chief Minister, the storm of change in the state would have stopped. Apart from this, Sunil Jakhar described former in-charge Harish Rawat as the architect of the whole problem and said that God did “justice” to him in Uttarakhand. Let us know what big things the veteran Congress leader said about the party’s defeat.

Sunil Jakhar on defeat in Punjab 10 big things

1. Sunil Jakhar said, “The reason for the defeat was that a few months ago the assessment of the disease was corrected but the medicine was wrong. Changed face, could not change image. The people who were given the command did not accept it.”

2. People rejected the politics of caste-religion. The Congress lost the chance of a comeback and the Aam Aadmi Party grabbed it.

3. According to Jakhar, people did not see the change in the system in the face that was brought to the Congress. Turned out to be a worse option than before.

4. The Congress leader said that the Aam Aadmi Party does not have experience in Punjab. This is their weakness as well as their strength. Initially, the government will run from Delhi itself, but Bhagwant Mann should be given some time.

5. Sunil Jakhar said, ‘People’s displeasure was already there. Due to Corona, there was a lack of communication between the high command and the local leadership. It would have been better if we had acted in time and the Captain was asked to act on the promises. People wanted a person of clean image, but whose honesty is questioned, then the same thing has become a matter of three paat of Dhak.

6. He said, “If Captain Amarinder Singh was replaced and Navjot Singh Sidhu was given a chance, he would have proved better. He could have stopped the storm of change. He may not be able to take everyone along but he is not accused of corruption and collusion with Badals.

7. Jakhar said, “Channi was presented as a card which was wrong. Was gambling being played? The one above did justice to those who were the architects of the problem in Uttarakhand. The missile fired by Rawat sahib fell on the Congress itself.

8. He said, “I used to think that after the results, Sidhu would resign from the post of state president on moral grounds. If he does not resign, then he should settle in Sangrur from now where Lok Sabha by-elections will be held in the coming times. If the Prime Minister can hold a meeting with the Sarpanches from now on, then why can’t we! We should unite by ending fights with each other. Hang me but save the Congress.”

9. Jakhar said, “Aam Aadmi Party people are novices, they will not be able to run Punjab. Don’t know if you will shave or cut your throat with a razor! There is room for Congress to come back.”

10. Congress leader said, “During the election my statement was not for Congress but for Ambika Soni. Why did the Congress leaders not make it clear that Sunil Jakhar was not made the Chief Minister because he was not an MLA, and not because he is a Hindu.

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