OneStop Logistics Service Providers


OneStop logistics service providers are becoming more commonplace for the shipping industry, and the benefits are obvious. These services provide a full range of services that can help make shipping easier and more cost-effective. In addition, they also provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. OneStop logistics service providers are now available in all areas of the logistics value chain.

Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics is a one-stop logistics company that has over 30 offices across the U.S. and specializes in managed transportation and freight brokerage services. The company’s expertise extends to a variety of industries and services, including food, beverage, medical and retail. The company also provides customized transportation solutions, including air, ocean and ground freight.

Echo is a Chicago-based supply chain management and technology enabled transportation company. Recently, it acquired OneStop Logistics, a transportation brokerage based in Watsonville, Calif., to expand into the northern California and Florida markets. One Stop Logistics will continue to operate under the name Echo, while existing One Stop management will remain with the newly combined entity. The new company will offer transportation technology and supply-chain management solutions to manufacturers, retailers and other customers.

Case Study 

One Stop’s logistics team needed a better way to meet their customers’ needs. One Stop analyzed its business processes and identified several ways to improve efficiency. To do so, One Stop implemented zoned store merchandising, which segments items by consumer groups. For example, one store would be zoned for baby products while another would be zoned for wine and liquor. This way, One Stop can provide a more personalized experience to its customers.

One Stop’s growth has been exponential in recent years. This rapid expansion has required the organization to understand how to improve space planning. The company reviewed its current estate, learned about different customer segments, and developed different concepts for new stores. The goal was to create new stores that would deliver new and different customer experiences, while maintaining customer-centric practices. The company also increased investments in stores and technology.

Scope of Services 

If you’re interested in achieving greater efficiencies and reducing costs, consider the many benefits of OneStop logistics services. These companies can handle every aspect of the supply chain and offer competitive rates. OneStop logistics companies are able to manage air freight, land freight, and custom services.


While working with multiple carriers and 3PLs can be tedious, working with a single one-stop logistics provider can free up your team to focus on bigger tasks. Additionally, working with a single provider will result in lower shipping rates. In addition, you’ll no longer have to track shipments or manage multiple contact lists.

Choosing a one-stop logistics provider is not a snap. It takes careful planning to make the move a success. You’ll want to choose a partner who is financially stable and has the expertise to manage your global network. It also needs to be capable of handling international transactions and have a strong IT infrastructure.

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