Online Game Verification – Preventing Risks of Fraud to Secure Players’ Identities


The usage of mobile phones among minors has become a common norm. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, people isolated themselves at home. The only entertainment they found was engaging in online games. This has proven to be useful for gaming developers as the number of players has subsequently risen. A lot of children want to explore new things and in doing so, they become a target of online gaming frauds. They unintentionally gain access to age-restricted gaming and gambling websites. This creates harmful consequences for them later on. Therefore, it is feasible to incorporate an online game verification to keep fraudster activities from the reach of minors. 

The Ineffective Manual Age Checks

Many websites used to implement the manual age checks on the gaming sites to prohibit minors. These prove futile as minors can easily dodge them. Entering false information regarding their age is an old yet effective trick to manipulate gaming platforms. The feature of placing age checkboxes available to log into the gambling websites goes in vain. They are insufficient for performing the customer due diligence on gaming platforms. Once the minor gets access, they become more prone to risks of exploitation. 

The Significant Risk of Money Laundering in Gaming Platforms

It is very important to monitor the players on the online casino sites. Multiple criminals target gambling websites to move black money through illicit transactions. Fraudsters can deploy the system by hiding the links between the funds created digitally. Gambling businesses are responsible to imply stringent anti-money laundering (AML) measures to keep fraudsters away. Gaming KYC can also help them for protecting against huge penalties. Regulatory authorities have incorporated specific laws of AML in gaming which can help to prevent fraudsters from carrying out illegal transactions. Document verification service also used for kyc. 

Dangers of Online Gaming Frauds

The online game verification services are progressing with each passing year. Contrarily, it is generating great revenue every year despite the Covid-19 situation. In addition to that, it is the prime duty of all gaming businesses to verify their player’s identities before onboarding them. Without a gaming fraud verification service, users’ experience on the e-gaming platform can be disrupted. It can cause the risk of money laundering and other prevalent crimes. Following are the dangers of online gaming frauds: 

  1. Addiction

Minors spending a lot of time playing digital games can raise serious concerns for parents. They may get an addiction to staying online and chatting through various games. It is mandatory for implying an instant gaming verification for constantly monitoring user activities. 

  1. Cyberbullying

Passing hurtful remarks through an anonymous profile is a wrongful act. It can create adverse effects on the minds of the minors which can create trouble for them in the longer run. Multi-player-role-playing games usually consist of acts in which users threaten, humiliate, and harass other players by expressing racist comments. Online game verification can help in reporting these crimes.

  1. Losing Money

Players investing in online betting and gambling websites are at a greater risk of losing their money. Scammers target people in carrying out illicit credit card frauds through in-game purchases. Moreover, people who have a craze for games lookout for ways to download paid games for free through various links on the internet. Fraudsters ask them for some money in exchange for those links. As soon as the money gets transferred, they disappear without fulfilling the required demand. 

  1. Privacy Problems

By extracting data from various sources digitally, hackers may try to invade the social media profiles of the players. This creates a big constraint on the privacy of the users. Scammers can even create fake accounts and attain desirable benefits. Gamers’ identity verification can add an extra layer of security for the players. This will enhance their online gaming experience. 

  1. Malware

Downloading games from non-authorized websites can put the players in a lot of danger. Installing malware through various software and links as a plug-in to get access to a game is a heinous trick. Viruses are embedded in-game files and the user unknowingly installs them. They can steal credit card credentials and personal information from the user. 

Wrapping it Up

Online gaming has become a hub for fraudsters to commit illegal transactions. Gambling businesses need to configure compliance programs to combat money laundering. AML gaming measures can greatly help in this aspect. Gaming KYC can also help to deter the dangers of online gaming frauds. It will enable the users to uplift their gaming experience. All of this can be done by incorporating an online game verification service. Only authentic players will be onboarded without any risks of threats. 

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