Pakistan raises questions on Karnataka High Court’s decision on Hijab controversy, these big allegations against India



The High Court has given its decision regarding the Hijab controversy in Karnataka, in which the court made it clear that Hijab cannot be allowed in educational institutions. Now the reaction has also come from Pakistan regarding this decision of Karnataka High Court. Pakistan has expressed serious concern over the decision to ban the wearing of hijab in educational institutions, claiming that the decision has failed to uphold the principle of freedom of religious rituals and violates human rights.

High Court had given the decision
The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday dismissed the petitions of a section of Muslim girl students of ‘Government Pre-University Girls College’ in Udupi seeking permission to wear the hijab in classes and held that wearing the hijab is a necessary religious practice in Islam. is not part of. The three-judge bench said that the school uniform rule is a reasonable restriction and is constitutionally accepted, on which the girl students cannot raise any objection. Let us tell you that a few days ago there was a lot of ruckus in Karnataka regarding the Hijab controversy, in which Hindu and Muslim organizations were face to face. After this the matter went to the High Court.

Pakistan made many allegations
On the other hand, the petitioner students termed the High Court order as ‘unconstitutional’ and said that their legal battle would continue. On the other hand, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, which gave its unsolicited response to India’s statement, said in a statement, “Clearly this decision has failed to uphold the principle of freedom of religious rituals and it violates human rights.” Is.”

On behalf of Pakistan, it was further said that, “This decision marks another decline in the continuing anti-Muslim campaign, because under the guise of secularism is being used to target Muslims under this campaign”. claimed that India is losing its secular identity which is fatal for its minorities. Pakistan appealed to the Indian government to ensure the protection of minorities, especially Muslims, and their right to practice their religion.

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