What Is Quick Wash In A Panasonic Washing Machine?


Panasonic is a Japanese manufacturer known for its leading electronics products featuring outstanding quality. Panasonic offers a wide array of washing machines ranging from semi-automatic washing machines to fully automatic machines (top loaders or front loaders).

Panasonic washing machines are the best choice for advanced washing machines with premium features at a reasonable price.

These washers efficiently handle all the laundry requirements of your family. Besides this, the fully-automatic washing machines from Panasonic are designed to provide user-friendly and energy-efficient functionality. All the latest models are powered with 15+ washing modes that provide delicate cleaning for different types of clothes.

Best in class features of Panasonic washing machine

Quick Wash:

The Panasonic washing machine’s speedy wash program helps you clean your clothes quickly. All the clothes in the daily laundry are not that dirty, so this program is best suited for lightly soiled garments.

This feature comes in handy when you need to complete your laundry in less time in this fast-paced world. You can choose from the semi-automatic washing machines and the fully automatic washing machine models, with the latter providing several automatic functions, and the least user interaction is required to wash your clothes.

Active Foam System:

This advanced feature of Panasonic washers cleans out stains with fine foam. The active foam system generates a high-density, light foam using the latest turbo mixer to dissolve the detergent.

The fine foam provides superior cleaning action by penetrating the different layers of clothes and easily removing the dirt. This foam-based technology reduces the chances of detergent residue on the clothes after the final wash and thus, saves water during the rinsing process.

Dancing Water Flow:

This extraordinary function washes the garments evenly and thoroughly with a powerful rotating water flow. The power-packed combination of two innovative technologies, i.e. active wave pulsator and dancing water flow, generates a multidirectional, vigorous water flow that thoroughly cleans the fabric, employing uniform agitating action.

Powerful Pulsator and Intelligent Inverter-Based Motor:

The new models of top-load Panasonic washing machines are fitted with a dual pulsator that transmits multi-directional water flow to carry out thorough cleaning. Front-load washing machines based on advanced technology employ a brushless digital inverter-based motor along with a 3D sensor.

This dynamic combination observes the drum movement in each dimension with accuracy to modulate the speed of the motor based on the input load for optimal performance.

Stain Master System:

Clothes get different types of stubborn stains like ink spots, oil patches, or soiled collars. Panasonic washing machines sport a stain master feature that easily takes care of all these stains. These feature-rich washing machines are designed based on the Indian laundry requirements; all the stains can be removed without pre-washing or handwashing.

Stain master automatically soaks and scrubs the stains with a combination of foam and hot and cold water to ease the hardships of the user. Stain master technology employs information about stains provided on the smart sensor network to work on various types of stubborn stains.

Smart Eco Sensors:

One of the outstanding features of Panasonic washing machines is their energy-efficient performance. All semi-automatic washing machines and the premium front load washers have A+++ energy saving ratings as per the applicable standard.

Using smart eco sensors reduces water and energy consumption by almost 50% compared to ordinary washing machines. The latest models of Panasonic washers come with a delay start function using which the users can schedule the eco wash at night.

The Aqua spin rinse system saves water by 25%:

Advanced Panasonic washers are equipped with aqua spin-based rinse technology, in which a  powerful water stream infiltrates through the clothes loaded inside the machine. The rinse method is implemented in two different rinse cycles – first comes the shower rinse, in which water showers are focused on the clothes inside the tub rotating at a high speed.

In the second rinse cycle, the clothes rinse in the tub filled with water, and the loaded laundry is soaked for around 10 minutes. Eventually, this technology cuts down water consumption by about 25%.

Panasonic is one of the most trusted brands in the consumer appliances sector. Panasonic washing machines provide their users with a range of programmable washing modes so that the users can customize their laundry cleaning as per the fabric type. Panasonic makes use of innovative, future-ready features that provide a seamless washing experience.

Different user-friendly options like rear-mounted panel-based design and wide openings to feed the clothes aid quick wash features.

Furthermore, all Panasonic washing machines undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure that the preset quality standards are maintained, including the lid-strength test, drop test, etc. Thus, you can be assured of the reliability and performance of Panasonic washing machines.

The quick wash feature, as discussed above cuts down the wash time by a considerable amount. This can be used when you have less time on your hands, or if you have to deal with a busy schedule. The quick wash facility is best suited for lightly soiled clothes, which do not require a thorough cleaning.

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