Piyush Goyal said – successful evacuation operation from Ukraine under the leadership of PM



The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, the government is running Operation Ganga to bring back the stranded Indian citizens. Union Minister Piyush Goyal said during a press conference that the government took seriously the issue of citizens trapped in Ukraine. Union Minister Piyush Goyal said that I think there is no such example of any other country which took the task of bringing citizens home so seriously. Even big countries have failed in this matter. China evacuated some people for the first time on 5th. America advised you to leave beforehand otherwise we are not responsible. Prime minister Narendra Modi He himself took the matter seriously. He held 8 high level meetings on this issue. Strict steps were taken after every meeting, how to bring every citizen back to India.

‘PM used diplomacy to expel Ukraine’

The Union Minister further said that Prime Minister Modi talked to the big leaders of the world about 11 times. Every possible use of diplomacy was done so that our citizens could come back safely. It is a matter of great pride for all of us to bring back more than 20,000 Indian citizens, mostly students, who were stranded in Ukraine, within three weeks. PM Modi had engaged every mechanism of the government, different people of the society, in this work, so that our citizens can come back safely. With the relentless efforts of the Prime Minister, the government was able to make this successful evacuation. I would like to thank all the organizations and employees involved in this work. In the midst of so much crisis and so many problems, the way PM Narendra Modi led the entire campaign, there is no other example like this.

PM spoke to the heads of many countries

The Union Minister said that Prime Minister Modi sent four senior ministers to neighboring countries of Ukraine, he talked to the heads of state there, due to which we also got all possible cooperation from those countries. In this time of crisis, the Prime Minister led this campaign. There would be no such example of any other country, which took the task of bringing back its citizens so seriously. The people associated with India who live in Ukraine and other nearby countries, with the contribution of industry and NGOs and the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the entire government was able to do this successful evacuation. As a citizen of India, the belief arose that the Prime Minister of the country would take us out of the crisis in case of any crisis.

It was not easy to evacuate 20 thousand students: Piyush Goyal

More than 20,000 students were trapped in the Ukraine crisis, but in just 3 weeks all the work was done to get them out safely. This shows the credibility of our country. The last squad of students has left. Soon they will cross the border through other countries. The Union Minister further said that I want to ask the political parties that even at the time of crisis, unfortunately Congress and some of their big leaders tried to create misunderstanding. State governments of opposition parties did the work of doing politics in times of crisis. Rhetoric against Russia. This was causing a crisis.

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