PM Modi inaugurates Khel Mahakumbh, said – youth of Gujarat is ready to touch the sky



Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Khel Mahakumbh 2022 in Ahmedabad on Saturday, the second day of the Gujarat tour. On this occasion, PM Modi said that this ocean of youthful enthusiasm, this enthusiasm, these waves of enthusiasm are telling that the youth of Gujarat is ready to touch the sky. This is not only the Mahakumbh of sports, but it is also the Mahakumbh of the youth power of Gujarat. He said that I wish all the youth of you all the best for the 11th Khel Mahakumbh.

The Prime Minister said, “12 years ago in 2010, as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, I started Khel Mahakumbh in Gujarat. Today I can say that the seed of the dream I had sown is now becoming a banyan tree. Today I am seeing such a huge banyan tree taking shape.”

He told that the lack of transparency in the selection of players was also a big factor. All the talent of the players used to go out in battling the problems. Coming out of that vortex, the youth of India are touching the sky today. The luster of gold and silver is shining the confidence of the country.

PM Modi said that due to Corona, the Khel Mahakumbh was put on brake for two years, but the grandeur with which Bhupendrabhai started this event has given a new spirit to the youth.

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