PM Modi spoke to President Putin, discussed the Ukraine crisis for 50 minutes



Prime Minister on the 11th day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine Narendra Modi spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There was a conversation between PM Modi and Putin for about 50 minutes regarding the Ukraine crisis. During this, Putin informed Prime Minister Modi about the ongoing talks between Ukraine and Russia. Government of India sources gave this information.

According to Indian government sources, during the conversation, PM Modi appealed to Putin to talk directly to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, apart from the ongoing talks between the delegations of the two countries. During this, PM Modi also praised Russia for declaring ceasefire and building humanitarian corridors in many parts of Ukraine including Sumy for the evacuation of people.

According to sources, while talking to Putin, PM Modi emphasized the importance of the issue of safe evacuation of Indian citizens from Sumi. Putin has assured PM Modi of all possible cooperation in the safe evacuation of citizens.

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