PM Modi to do webinar on ‘Financing and Aspirational Economy’



Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver a speech on the title ‘Financing for Growth and Aspirational Economy’ at the inaugural session of a webinar of the Finance Ministry tomorrow. To facilitate the implementation of budget announcements, the Government of India is organizing webinars in various key areas.

According to the information, the purpose of the webinar is to brainstorm with experts from the public and private sectors, academia and industry, as well as to decide the strategies to move forward towards the implementation of various issues. At the same time, under this, the Ministry of Finance is organizing a post budget webinar titled ‘Financing for Development and Aspirational Economy’ tomorrow.

16 ministries, state governments will be involved

The Finance Ministry issued a statement saying that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi He will deliver a special speech during this session. According to the information received, 16 ministries, state governments including NITI Aayog will be involved in this webinar. Apart from this, RBI, SEBI, IFSCA, NABARD, investor community will also participate in this webinar. The Finance Ministry wants to input through webinars on ways to accelerate the pace as well as achieve the agenda.

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