Police mistakenly put the picture of this celebrity on the wanted poster, sought 230 crore damages



The name of the woman featured in the picture is Eva Lopez. He is Ins‍Tagram Influencer. According to ‘New York Post’, the poster made by the police department mistakenly told him that he was a thief. However, Eva got information about this in August. Then she came to Florida with her boyfriend. 

After coming here, a message from a friend of Eva came. Eva said that then I thought that this postp was fake. It was difficult to believe that the police had put my picture in the poster of Wanted. However, when Lopez’s boss saw the picture of the poster, he understood that it was real. 

Also accused of stealing Rolex’s watch worth ten lakh rupees

In the post put up by the police, Eva is seen wearing a pink top and gold necklace. She is accused of having acted as a sex worker and stole a Rolex watch and a credit card worth Rs 10 lakh from a man."text-align: justify;"In the post which was issued by the New York Police, she was seen wearing a pink tube top and a gold necklace. She was also alleged to have worked as a sex worker and stole a man’s Rolex watch and credit card worth Rs 10 lakh and fled.

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